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  • 02/26/12: Ionosphere
  • 12/03/10: a Single Atom
  • 07/07/10: Unrelated
  • 06/13/10: a Place Inside
  • 06/08/10: Moment to Moment
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    Is mainly a storehouse of music and awesomeness I have created. It's got some stuff from my friends as well. You might know me from Overclocked Remix where I have some video game music remixes. Actually, this isnt a mission statement, I am just trying to give keywords so my google ads will be more relevant. So here goes. I like video games. I like video game music. I like Star Wars. I like computers with Nvidia 8800GT video cards like mine. I like olympus E500 digital cameras like mine. I really love my Yamaha S08 keyboard. I really really adore my Event Studio Precision ASP8 Speakers. My favorite car is my 1994 Solid Gold Volvo 940. I really like my Microsoft Xbox with xbox media center! I really enjoy my Playstation 2 by Sony! My favorite PC video game is Jedi Knight 2 by LucasArts. My favorite console game is Xenogears by Squaresoft. I really like the band Keane. I love intel motherboards and intel chipsets. My favorite intel chipset of all time is the 440BX. I like Microsoft Windows 2003 Server! I like VMWare ESX Server! I like Dell PowerEdge Servers! I love AKG microphones! I have two. The C3000b and the AKG SolidTube. I love ART Tube Preamps! I have the ART studio V3. I love Steinberg Cubase SX. I love Propellerheads Reason 4.0. I dig Orson Scott Card and Frank Herbert a lot. I really like ny r/c helicopter by Lite Machines. I love google! It's my favorite search engine ever! I like stephen chow movies.

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