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08/03/05 05:54:37 - Things I Must Build

A Hat Stretcher
A Hat that actively cools your head
A cup that actively cools your drink
a camera/transmitter system for my helicopter
a camera harness for body/car
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08/01/05 20:25:09 - Dooommmm

Super Star BLaSt: what about like
Super Star BLaSt: a warm hum
Super Star BLaSt: like womm
Super Star BLaSt: wommmm
MaGiTekKx: i dunno, i'm not really into womms
MaGiTekKx: i'm more like into dumes and swomes
Super Star BLaSt: dume?
Super Star BLaSt: like dooooooom
Super Star BLaSt: or dummmm
MaGiTekKx: but like a soothing doooooom
Super Star BLaSt: like, dmmmmmmm even?
MaGiTekKx: i think i like it with the pervasive oooooom
Super Star BLaSt: hmmmm
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08/01/05 13:02:35 - Just So I Remember

this looks cool
this too


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07/27/05 23:39:21 - Invention

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07/13/05 12:25:38 - The Brain as a Pattern Machine

So, we all know that our minds love patterns, right?

Why do people get into a "rut"?
Why do people get addicted to something, not physicially, but
in such a way that DOING the thing was easier than not doing it?
Why do people have relationships with someone that they logically
know is no good for them, but continue them anyway?
Why do people enjoy texas holdem poker so much?
Why do certain things make us happy some of the time, and other times they seem to have no effect?
Why do we find it so impossible to not get in the same arguments
over and over?
Why do we find complex symmetry, fractals, and vibrant colors beautiful?
Why do we take the same route to work every day?
Why do we love simple, repetitive music so much?

Anyway, there are various OTHER reasons for all that stuff, but the linking reason is the human mind's tendency to patternize.

Our minds are basically sorting machines. Our minds classify information, feelings, body processes into simple categories that we can understand.

Tired + Stomach Contractions + Unsatisfied = I'm hungry!

This is done at an unconcious level, so we do not always realize it. If you were to break any feeling into it's source information, you might be surprised as to what you find. For example:

Test case: Pretty chick smiles at you
unsatisfied + nothing to look forward to + 3rd variable = still depression
unsatisfied + nothing to look forward to + 3rd variable = happy

The 3rd variable in this case is how pattern-oriented you are to this type of situation. If you are USED to being unsatisfied and having nothing to look forward to, your baseline is established there, so you will be in the +happy spectrum. If you are used to having everything you want, happiness is very difficult to achieve.

So what's the point?

I hear you ask...
The POINT is... you can positively affect your life by knowing of this phenomenon!

If your world comes crashing down on you, you must try to get used to it as soon as possible. I'm not saying "don't be optimistic!". I'm saying, appreciate the things you still have by imagining what life would be without them.

ALSO, KNOW that your brain will form patterns without you knowing about it. It is your job to erase those patterns if they are detrimental. In an abusive relationship? You MUST do something drastic to break the pattern!

Addicted to heroin? You MUST break the pattern drastically. A slow regression from any substance is a bad way to do things. Your brain isnt addicted to the substance, it's addicted to the pattern.

Unhappy with your job? QUIT. Force yourself to get out of the pattern.

In a rut? FORCE yourself to do something drastic.

Your brain can be your best friend and your greatest enemy. Knowing is half the battle!

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