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Star Salzman's CrapJournal

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07/10/05 21:20:11 - Helicopters are Awesome!

Sunday evening, I can hear the traffic choppers circling overhead, potent reminders of tomorrow morning's hectic commute to the university. What is it about sunday evening that brings me so much tension?
Logically speaking, Monday will be just like every other Monday: a dull stream of mindless drudgery until I can return home and force myself to go to Krav Maga.

But still, the sense of foreboding is always overwhelming. I feel like grasping the last minutes of the evening and holding on forever... or at least until I can't stay awake any longer.
But try as I might to "reason" it away, that feeling is still there, pulsing in the pit of my stomach along with the Vindaloo I ate a few hours ago.
It's like those dreams where you're in school with no pants on; when you're trying to run from a garbage truck but your legs move in slow motion...
It seems like I'm always fighting against the clock now. My "free time" speeds by, while everything else moves at a snail's pace. Every single day I'll look at the clock and say "It's 9:00 already?!".
I don't understand how people can live like this for their whole lives. Working 8 to 5, coming home to enjoy 3 or 4 free hours (if you don't have to do something semi-important, like laundry), and then saying good night to everyone and starting the cycle over. I love working, don't get me wrong... But it's not really fun anymore.
I need to be a rockstar, or something. I want to spend more time doing the things *I* want to do. But that seems impossible.

I just can't stand doing the same stuff every day. I need to make that pattern more complex or my brain says "wot tho fook?".


Wot tho fook?
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06/16/05 22:27:27 - Birthday of Awesome

Ok so, i just seriously had the best birthday ever.

My aunt came up to visit, which was awesome. she bought me sushi.

10 of my friends came to sushi, we had a blast. The person who owns the place made me a sake-bomb, which is a full beer with a shot of sake in it. hardcore. almost died while drinking it. ate a crapload of sushi.

came home, and lo and behold the most awesome birthday cake ever. a birthday cake with star wars trading cards and a snow speeder on top with a darth vader helmet water bottle too and 23 candles. and it was made out of freaking ice cream. seriously, awesome and a half, like, woah.

and my presenets. oh man. I got the hex set for my screwdriver from jon, oh man, so ridiculously needed. i got awesome-ass cards from my sisters, and theo and brooke, and ashley. I got a CRAPLOAD OF REESE'S BIG CUPS YES from andrea. ryan got me a freaking dvd set of airwolf season 1. way to be thoughtful. I also got this awesome badass dragon kite from christina, and a bunch of money from my uncle and grandparents. Avram got me an e-card with a cool lizard on it, which was awesome. he always remembers every year. My boss got me a really creepy e-card with a toilet... with a tongue. pretty nasty, but typical bob hilarity.

all in all, this is the best birthday i've had in years, and like, I feel so ridiculously appreciated now that I doubt anything can top that.

Thanks everyone! I havent been so ridiculously surprised and happy on a birthday in a long time.

Also, check out these amazing pictures of my little nephew, sent from brian:
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06/15/05 08:43:44 - Birthday! also, Krav Magowned

Awesome cake!

So, i'm 23 now and the only thing i have to show for it is a solid gold volvo and some achy biceps.


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06/08/05 11:35:18 - Campus

Working at UT is pretty neet. I have to say that I've really been craving a camera just to take pictures of random crap.

I'm tired of folks who pretend that they don't want presents and stuff for their birthdays, and then act all depressed when they dont get anything. So, in case anyone is interested in getting me birthday stuff:

I want a cake made of ice cream and cake and shaped like a spaceship.

I want a lightsaber that lights up and stuff.

I want a camcorder, but I want to pick it myself, damnit.

I want a set of hex bits to use in my screwdriver on my helicopter (non-metric).

I want a new electric screwdriver, the kind with the interchangeable powerpack batteries, and a magnetic extension bit socket.

I want a crapload of reese's big cups.

I think that's it!

It's a tall order, to be sure, but I've been a good boy this year, and... well...

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06/07/05 10:00:54 - Life is Grand

So, life is pretty great. I successfuly built the damn helicopter, it works awesomely! My job is awesome, video games are fun again, and I even stopped the spammers on my website!

I'm going to pimp out my volvo soon. Going to spray paint the rims gold, and put a gold spoiler from walmart on top of it. Really, you only live once.

Right now I'm in the Service Building, hooking up and testing some computers.

It's a beautiful day, but it's freaking hot.

What a stupid journal entry. Nothing even remotely fun or random or dramatic. Well, check this page out:
It's a page where the dude makes cartoons from spam subject lines he's gotten. It's hilarious!

I'm going to try to update more frequently, now that things are settling into a rather uneventful but awesome routine.

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