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05/19/05 21:59:56 - Helicopter Expenses

date location item price notes est unneccesary cost
2/2/2005 ebay futaba 7c radio $227.90 Overpaid. List price is about 150 bucks. $77.00
4/1/2005 HeliHobby the heli, the crappy motor, the esc, the first battery, the heli kit itself, battery charger, wrong crystal $528.59 I bought the wrong crystal accidentally. They sent me the wrong motor but said it would work and I believed them. $52.00
4/6/2005 HeliHobby correct crystal, powerpole connectors $36.51 the powerpole connectors sucked, and I bought 3 sets $15.00
4/11/2005 Discount Hobbies servo extension wires $25.66 bought too many, only needed 1 $20.00
4/29/2005 Radio Shack voltmeter with wrong battery, molex connectors $31.66 voltmeter still doesnít have battery. $5.00
5/2/2005 HeliHobby TR Gearbox (original one broke) $12.38 broke it during assembly, my fault $12.38
5/4/2005 HeliHobby Cyclic rods (original one broke), new landing gear $26.38 landing gear was good upgrade. I broke the original rods $4.00
5/8/2005 HeliHobby another battery, wrong tail boom, unneccesary tailfin $81.98 bought \"short\" tail boom instead of long one. Also bought a carbon fiber tailfin even though plastic was fine $20.00
5/8/2005 Radio Shack molex connectors $4.31 more good connectors
5/8/2005 Cedar Park Hobbies 12t pinion $3.19 good for versatility
5/9/2005 Cedar Park Hobbies another pinion and some more stuff $8.77 more versatility and some random stuff I prolly didnít need $3.00
5/13/2005 HeliHobby correct tail boom, and one blade (thought there were two) $27.46 broke the original tail boom in a crash, damaged the wings unnecessarily $27.46
5/15/2005 Radio Shack connector for new battery $4.31 yay molex
5/18/2005 Cedar Park Hobbies servo gears, other stuff $12.22 broke servo gears $12.22
TOTAL $1,031.32 $248.06

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05/06/05 15:16:24 - Helicopter Works!!!!!!!!!

Pictures and video to follow.
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05/04/05 18:33:11 - Helicopter Continued

Fast forward a lot of days. I've been busy, i took some more pics but theyre not available. I ran into a problem with the power connectors that came with the copter, so i went to radio shack and got different ones.

I rigged up a 12 v power source to power the charger, by using an old computer power supply.

The tail rotor gearbox cracked and broke. I had to order a new one.
I just put it on tonight and it works.

Also, the left/right cyclic rod broke, i ordered two new ones. should get here tomorrow.

The battery is too heavy, and it's making the copter roll forward. Bought a better battery holder and landing gear combo to make up for that.

This puppy should be flying by tomorrow afternoon. I hope it works out.

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04/04/05 22:36:02 - Helicopter! Days 1 and 2

The full setup. There are a lot of freaking small little parts.

I used a cupcake tin to sort out all the tiny parts. This is about half of the total tiny parts. The rest were still in their bags.

This vaguely resembles a helicopter after 2 days of work. I have balanced the rotors and built the rotor head, and anchored a bunch of brackets to the main frame, constructed the landing gear, and that's about it.

Another view. Tightening those stupid hex bolts makes me want to kill small children.

Various tools that i've been using. There's a big stick-o-grease, a hammer, oil, scotch tape, etc. I wish i had a decent hex set. I hate allen wrenches.

Some of the components that i havent put in yet. The battery, the Electronic Speed Controller, and the servos. Woooo! I cant wait.

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03/28/05 06:27:31 - I got a NEW job mang

See, it has a smoke stack on top! That's the power plant expansion, at the University of Texas. I work in there, doing computer stuff. It's an awesome job and I love it.

Not much more has happened, I've been trying to write music to no avail. I had another job at this place called Wayport, it was pretty cool too.

Mostly I've just been doing the same ol stuff, waiting for video games to come out and then being very disappointed in them when they do.

OH YEAH. I'm going to buy a helicopter today. Probably this one:

I cant wait!

Oh and now that I have money, I am one step closer to my dream of having a DeLorean!
Check it out:


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