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Star Salzman's CrapJournal

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10/27/05 20:26:36 - Think Before You Do

Ok like, some dude totally ran up and hit the side of my car with his fist the other day.

I was SO FREAKING ANGRY that all I could think to yell was "HEY, THINK BEFORE YOU DO".

Pretty hilarious. I should have chased him down, but I think he was scared enough by my crazy ramblings.
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10/05/05 19:02:21 - Eyebrows

I fucking love them!

Dido, before beautifulizing:

Dido, post beautification:

Eyebrows, man!!!!
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10/03/05 21:00:12 - Nobody Apologizes More than I Do

To Everyone: I'm Sorry.

I don't know what I did except act in my normal honest
Star Salzman way. I'm sorry I said what I said, did what
I did, didnt do what I didnt, said I was going to do the
thing that I didnt, did the thing I said I wasnt, didnt
say the thing I said was the thing I said, and everything
of that sort.

Everyone wants to put the blame on Mister Star for all the
problems in their relationship with said Mister. When I ask,
"what did I do?" I get "You should know! If you don't know,
then that's why I'm still going to make you feel like shit,
until you finally lie to me and tell me that you realized
what you did".

Even so, I'm sorry! I'll be the bigger person(haha) and take
whatever's coming to me. I know I'm a lot to put up with,
so it's probably my fault. It's not like you've ever hurt ME.

I'm crazy? You werent even mad at me to begin with? That's
a relief. I just thought the whole one-word-answer thing was
indicative of a real problem. My mistake. I'm sorry. I just
thought that people who were friends were happy to see
eachother. I didn't realize that somewhere along the line
that changes.

Of course I understand that if we were in reversed positions
this would be a non-issue. That's just the way things go.
I'm sorry it had to turn out this way. Sometimes you just
have to adjust your level of caring to suit whomever changes
for the lower.

Drama? I suppose you could call it that. If by drama you mean
getting called on your OWN mistakes when they hurt MY feelings.
You dont have time for drama? Neither do I. I'm sorry for putting
you through that.

Oops, I thought I warned you that I'm not going to be 100% into
everything you are. Yikes, sorry! Didn't realize I was less of a
friend for not liking the exact same things you do. Didn't realize
that having an opinion was the wrong thing to do.

You think I say sorry too much? I'm sorry! I don't know what else
to say. Not my fault? I still sympathize. Sorry that it annoys you
so much.

You dont have time to hear all this? Gah, sorry, I should have
been more respectful of your time. I made the mistake of thinking
that because *I* make time for people, you would too.

So, yeah, I'm sorry. For what? I donno. Everything and nothing,
I suppose.

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10/02/05 21:22:01 - Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray Permeate me like Shards of the last ice from a Glacier
In the depths, for all its loss it returned to nothing more than
What it was.

HAhahaha just kidding!

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09/20/05 15:27:27 - Borked borked!!!!!!!

So my computer is borked again, crap!

So I bought a new one.

I cant wait till it gets here!

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