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Star Salzman's CrapJournal

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09/16/05 07:47:25 - Another Project

Ok, so, you're probably like me in that you've always wanted to be able to jump around like a moron, like you were on the moon.

I propose to make this fantasy a reality, using cheap materials and simple physics equations. That diagram pretty much explains everything.

Everything except where I'm going to get 2144 cubic feet of helium.

Each of those helium tanks that you can rent for parties carries about 150 cubic feet of helium. It's something like 20 cents per cubic foot. That would be nearly 430 bucks plus the deposit for 15 of those party canisters (usually 150 bucks a piece). Hilariously impractical because of the 2700 bucks in out-of-pocket cost, and also because I dont have a vehicle capable of carrying 15 huge canisters of helium gas.

There has to be a way to buy helium in bulk. And in liquid form for easy transport.

Any ideas?
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08/31/05 19:04:28 - Cat

This cat is a moron:

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08/25/05 21:51:42 - The Redwalls! and Pretentious Photos!

So like, I was seeing these Redwalls type characters at Stubbs BBQ in Austin. Between songs I yelled "YOU GUYS ROCK" and it got all sorts of quiet in there and the dude goes... "YOU fucking rock!"

Pretty cool!

So this is my awesome friend Shannon. This is a cd she'll prolly make some day! Pretentious photos are AWESOME.
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08/19/05 19:11:46 - Ok, to Sum Up...

My current projects are:

Camera Stabilizer
-Learn Solidworks
-Buy and research raw materials
-Get tools for the job

Redesign Web Site
-organize using css and stuff
-make journal page rely on blog_id rather than date
-make it look sorta pretty

Cooling Cup of Cool
-Learn solidworks
-Buy thermoelectric device off ebay
-Compute power requirements
-Find raw materials

Cooling Hat of Cool
-Build hat stretcher
-find raw materials
-build cup of cool

Balance Helicopter
-make it flyable again (maybe 15 min job)

Make a Cool Movie
-should i do the RPS movie? or something more simple?
-cast and crew needed
-script needed!

I THINK that's it... will update this list as necessary.
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08/18/05 21:42:22 - New Desk


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