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Comments for I Request Your Help!



Name: Dominic McLaughlin
Date/Time: 09/07/09 13:39:51

"Do it! I'll bribe you with pizza. And heck, it's the least you could do after listening to my music for free, you cheap bastards."

Sorry, I didn't catch your entry on the contest until today (Mea culpa), but your music is still better than pizza, to begin with.

Name: Nayus Dante
Date/Time: 09/07/09 07:04:07

Voting is over and I'm not happy...


Name: Star
Date/Time: 09/02/09 07:15:53

Name: Jeremy
Date/Time: 08/26/09 22:15:19

All your jingles are so awesome. Are you gonna put them on your site so we could download?

Name: Nayus Dante
Date/Time: 08/24/09 14:37:49

After hearing the "finalists," I'm disappointed. It's a shame that creativity doesn't win over cliche.

I'm still amazed you haven't found a commercial outlet for your music. Have you considered doing this advertising thing professionally? Think you'll ever release a full album?

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