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Pokemonowitz and the Zionist Indoctrination Cartel

Though by a great portion of society considered to be somewhat above than the scourge of the earth, (alas, also being markedly below what would typically be classified as a positive contribution to the proverbial gene pool) the Jews have admittedly gotten a bad rap. Okay, okay, the King David Hotel incident didn’t put them on good terms with the British, or with room service personnel world-wide for that matter. And the whole invading of Egypt…and Syria…and some other countries, well, okay, that was 20 years ago. Most of those things were out of self-defense anyway.

But now…now, I’ve learned of a plot so devious, a scheme so salacious, I blush and tremble to mention it. The innocent, unblemished hands of many an Arab child have now been defiled by an evil so hideous, its name is almost unable to be repeated, and the Jews…no, the Zionists and the Christian Crusaders, are to blame. They call it Pokemon.

Just ask Jordanian parliamentarian Sheik Abdel Monem abu Zent, who said, after adjusting his turban to the right to correct for changing wind conditions, “It has been proven that this toy is part of a Jewish plan to corrupt the mind of our young generation because it alludes to blasphemous thinking, it mocks our God and our moral values and is therefore extremely dangerous for our youth,”

I daresay this is an understatement. Fortunately, in a fatwa, or religious edict, Saudi Sheik Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al Sheik urged “all Muslims to beware of this game and prevent their children from playing it so as to protect their religion and manners.” He added that most of the cards “figure six-pointed stars, a symbol of international Zionism and the state of Israel.”

A few weeks later, in early April, a fatwa was issued in Dubai saying that Pokemon “clearly contains gambling” and that the game “is based on the theory of evolution, a Jewish-Darwinist theory, that conflicts with the truth about humans and with Islamic principles.” When coupled with the shameful and blatant references to this Jewish-Darwinism that one can find in the Judeo-Christian book of “Genesis,” we can only wonder why this fatwa was not issued more quickly!

As if helicopters, missiles, and having IQ’s on average at least 58% higher than your average Palestinian weren’t enough, now the Zionists have decided to play the Pokemon card. Pikachu? Pick - a - Jew? Coincidence? I think not.

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