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Comments for Black Wind Rising:



Name: Eqadromos
Date/Time: 04/16/10 14:17:40
This is awesome on so many levels. I'm... Speechless.

Name: Regent Rosinski
Date/Time: 02/16/07 17:07:03
This song raises many emotions, it has so very quirky and interesting odds and ends, you are by far my favorite remixer on OC, and all of your music has a very entertaining yet deep quality, keep up the good work!

Name: hunkmonkey
Date/Time: 02/10/07 16:04:33

i think met you through a friend seven years ago when we were freshmen at UT. Anyway, I stumbled onto your mixes on ocremix and I gotta tell you I think they are spectacular.

keep rocking ass and peace out,

Name: Annette
Date/Time: 01/28/07 18:26:17
I LOVE how this song goes through so many different phases. In the beginning it kinda reminds me of something from the Lord of the Rings score, which is awesome.

Name: Kevin
Date/Time: 10/29/06 18:30:23
OWNAGE! This song is amazing.

Name: a person with a witty name
Date/Time: 06/27/06 11:26:16
This has probably become my favorite song across any genre.

When I was a kid, and CT first came out, Magus's theme made me want to be an Olympic figure skater, so I could use that theme.

I had forgotten all about that until I heard this remix.


Name: BoogiePopNightmare
Date/Time: 06/03/06 10:55:27
Damn man, this is like Star Wars, Wild Arms, and a can of whoop ass all in one tight little bomb. Oh, and the fact its a Chrono remix, even better!

Name: meatsim1
Date/Time: 04/28/06 14:02:08
freakin sweet

Name: Dee
Date/Time: 04/15/06 10:14:27
WOW! I mean this song is crazy cool. Infact it's the remix of my favorite song from the game. ^_^

Name: Ben again
Date/Time: 03/09/06 00:48:46
Okay, I just have to comment again. This has become one of my favorite songs ever. A perfect example of sonic variety and ESPECIALLY pacing. No part lasts longer than it should and everything is placed so perfectly and the song flows like Colt 45 through Billy Dee Williams. The part that starts at 2:18 is just so deliciously EVIL, it's awesome. The accoustic guitars are perfect and your modified Magus synth melody at that part is just amazing. Just thought you would like some feedback. Rock on.

Name: Seditious
Date/Time: 03/08/06 15:41:48
I just have one question...

Why isn't this on a label?

Somebody sign this guy so I can listen to it on the radio on my way to work.

Name: Ketal
Date/Time: 03/08/06 05:19:02
I LOVE the orchestral instruments :D
Nice and original song.

Name: drano
Date/Time: 02/13/06 13:45:21
it's definitely a lot better than that song from Episode I

Name: Ben
Date/Time: 02/06/06 21:45:40
STILL getting better! Will you ever stop being awesome??

Name: watkinzez
Date/Time: 01/30/06 02:31:50
Magus? Star Salzman? FOR THE WIN!

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