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Comments for MGMT Kids - Consequences Remix:



Name: Dr Wily
Date/Time: 05/23/09 04:04:18
Good to see you're still producing some fantastic tracks Star, I like this one better than the original!

Name: Dominic
Date/Time: 02/15/09 12:29:27
Much as Nayus said, thanks to this, I am now familiar with MGMT. Although the original has merit, this one is definitely the better version. ^_^

Name: Chris
Date/Time: 12/23/08 20:28:02

Name: Nayus Dante
Date/Time: 12/04/08 20:08:21
I had never heard of MGMT before, so I heard your version first (and loved it). After hearing the original, I definitely prefer your remix. The original sounds like an amateur cover of yours, and I can't say I really care for their style. It seems more suited to your style... Keep up the good work!

Name: Marcy
Date/Time: 11/06/08 10:17:34
I really like your voice and I think it's a little lost here. Can you bring it forward more? There's no timer for me to tell you the precise places where I feel your voice is overtaken by the music so I can't point you to specific spots, sorry. I like this generally, I'd just like to hear more of your voice. :) x

Name: Carth
Date/Time: 11/03/08 19:59:47
By far your best. Freaking awesome.

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