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Comments for Complex Cosmology:



Name: thebotodolphin
Date/Time: 05/27/15 18:20:34
Star hope you never stop writing. hope that one day that you stop writing will never come. hope your eyes never break, your ears as always in great health. keep writing and inspiring us all your music is awesome and amazing thank you for the happiness

Name: FaeT
Date/Time: 09/11/13 15:10:12

I First heard black wind rising off of ocr 5 years ago, and today realized that you sir...wrote my favorite remix composition of all time! Kudos and bravo!....the blend of textures and sounds you use is so genuinely unique and creative(esp in black wind rising imo that song how it goes from Symphonic-Heavy Dark hard rock-Electro-Electrosymphonic-darkROCKGASM is just mind blowing)! You are an incredible musician and interesting mind! I wish you happiness and fortune in your days to come! The pleasure is mine, and I Thank you for sharing your works, ive listened to and downloaded quite a few of your works now,keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing, i like your website!

<3 from washington state!

Name: Cubeincontact
Date/Time: 03/02/12 15:55:28
This is my favorite song of yours. Both versions of the song are very well done and they are unique to anything out in the market.

On "the Single Atom" comments you talked about this song being the first one you tried to make less complex. Well I'll say that even though your remix of this song is less complex I like the original complex one more.

Any reason why Automaton and Pubnub2 are not on the main page? Any song talking about the Force or Pubnub needs to be shared :)

Name: llamaboy
Date/Time: 02/26/11 01:07:37
Just saying what you want to say is not so simple when your mind is always full of other things that you are/were thinking about. Like Saturn's rings or Space Marines.
And, "In English, please!" isn't so easy for everyone. I feel you, man =D

Name: Huíliam
Date/Time: 05/14/10 21:52:43
This song is so the perfect combination of adorable and AWESOME.
I've listened to it 6 times now for the first time with no end in sight...
LOVE how you incorporated the lyrics "spiraling" really helped me visualize the hypothetical cosmic dance between you two.

Name: <JL>
Date/Time: 05/09/10 22:15:19
this song rocks!!!

Name: Iggy Koopa
Date/Time: 05/05/10 22:09:27
Oh my god, this is awesome. This is the most fun song I've heard in a while.

Name: James
Date/Time: 05/04/10 09:07:16
Man, this is really addicting. And I love the lyrics. Brightened up my day when I heard it the first time yesterday. Thanks for another awesome song, Star.

Name: Star
Date/Time: 04/22/10 08:56:47
I'm really glad you like it.

I've never performed any of this live. But it would be really fun.

Name: Cubeincontact
Date/Time: 04/21/10 23:33:31
that's pretty freaking awesome. I would love to hear some of your music live. Once in a while I travel down to Austin, TX. Do you perform there?

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