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Name: Winterous
Date/Time: 06/20/10 19:41:38
Brilliant song, this is your best yet, followed closely by Into the Deep. This song's strength is its simplicity. the Song structure has room to breathe and there isn't antagonistic instrumentals playing through most of the choruses in this song. Bravo, Star!

Name: Star
Date/Time: 06/12/10 10:58:57
Wow, thanks so much! Feedback like this is part of what keeps it fun and worth the effort. I'm glad you appreciate it (and for the right reasons, seems like)!

Name: guiro boy
Date/Time: 06/11/10 16:59:02
I've never commented here before just because it's hard to say this sort of thing without sounding incredibly cheesy, but after yet another _brilliant_ new track, I just had to say how much I've always considered your work to be genius.

Everything from the distinctive electro-pop sound to the vocal harmonies to the chord progressions to the whimsical-yet-thoughtful lyrics... It would not be an exaggeration in the slightest to say that songs like this one, Into the Deep, Starboard, Any Other Way (Fire Coal Steam), and Benadryl are, to me, simply some of the best tracks I've ever heard (and I listen to a lot of music).

In a way, I think it's almost criminal that you're not getting more airplay. If nothing else, you should be a Ronald Jenkees-style internet music megastar, selling albums and getting millions of hits on YouTube.

In the meantime, I'll just keep awaiting new releases here. Keep up the _brilliant_ work!

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