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Name: Sergio
Date/Time: 10/25/11 10:33:15
Just heard this. It's totally amazing. The backing track is so good. The lyrics seem incredibly meaningful. Release more!

Name: Star
Date/Time: 02/14/11 11:48:48
hahaha that's a dude! The song that i'm sampling is "looking back" by Keane.

Name: Felden
Date/Time: 02/14/11 00:25:36
This is absolutely amazing, Star. : ]
I don't know why I don't comment on more of your songs, but I figured I might as well comment on this one since it hit the top of my most played list two days ago.

Also, out of curiosity, what's the woman singing in the chorus? I've been trying to figure that out for months.

Name: Boku
Date/Time: 02/04/11 12:46:46
Personally, I'm a bit conflicted on this song. I love the music, but I hate rap (always have). I'd like this song without the rapping. Anyway, keep on making amazing music.

Name: Jon
Date/Time: 09/10/10 09:08:34
Kick ass.............again.

Name: whiispyy
Date/Time: 08/26/10 19:28:20
just awesome man! you should have an instrumental for this as well....the music is sooooo epic!....and the ending part with the distortion just tops it off...thats my favorite part :)

Name: Dominic
Date/Time: 07/19/10 15:10:06
Sounds personal. Solid song.

Name: Nathan
Date/Time: 06/19/10 19:33:30
God... so many layers to this music.... Excellent pop sensibilities... Nice departure from your norm, too.

Name: Tyler
Date/Time: 06/18/10 17:01:53
My jaw dropped as it played in my browser.

Downloaded instantly.


Name: Foothpaste
Date/Time: 06/16/10 13:49:32
heavy, dogg. especially for a birthday song.


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