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Comments for Unrelated:



Name: Cubeincontact
Date/Time: 10/03/10 20:51:24
Keep it up man! I love your music.

I just got a Korg M50 and I really love it, you should playtest one.

Name: guiro boy
Date/Time: 09/29/10 15:26:46
As always, beautiful music and lyrics that scarily capture my recent mood and feelings better than I could ever manage to do myself.

(Have fallen hopelessly for this girl at the office who I first ran into in the elevator, and subsequently have had a couple of nice conversations with. Part of me desperately wants to believe that this feeling could be mutual, part of me is convinced that would be too good to be true, and part of me is thinking "stop trying to read her mind, just focus on how YOU feel and take action, damn it.")

Sorry for the "unrelated" rambling, and again, thank you for another very inspiring song. :)

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