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Comments for a Single Atom:



Name: sault
Date/Time: 04/16/12 03:49:57
Hey Star, did you ever get my email? I'm hoping I didn't put you off for some reason...

Name: Star
Date/Time: 12/19/11 13:27:27
Wow, me too (mostly)! Lets be INTP friends and have INTP discussions. My gmail is starblast@gmail(OMGNOSPAMPLZ) dot com

Name: sault
Date/Time: 12/19/11 12:29:44
Hey star, based on the lyrics on "A Single Atom" and some of your other songs, might you be an INTP on the Meyers-Briggs test? I'm one and the following website described me uncannily (mostly):

Name: Spoon(e)
Date/Time: 01/22/11 00:25:50
Simply, love it. My second favorite track of yours next to Into The Deep, keep it up man.

Name: Haplo
Date/Time: 12/17/10 11:17:14
Long time listener, first time commenter.

I've mostly listened to your remixes off of OC. Then, I'm not sure how, "Any Other Way" ended up on my hard drive. It's possible my best friend, who first recommended "Pillar of Salt" to me, sent it to me knowing it would be up my alley. It is. Anyway, today it popped up on my mp3 rotation, and it occurred to me to search for more of your non-remix stuff and see what else you have.

I've spent the past few hours here listening and downloading. You've got excellent stuff here. Particularly, though, THIS song -- "A Single Atom" -- really seems to hit me where it counts, as far as lyrics go. The chorus is something it's hard to learn but definitely true. So thank you for opening up yourself in the ways that write these songs.

To toot my own horn (and yours at the same time), I'm a DJ for the internet radio station Radio KoL, which is the station for the silly internet humor MMORPG Kingdom of Loathing. I've played many of your remixes (and "Any Other Way") on my show for the past six years, and now I've added several of the original pieces I heard today. So I'm doing my part to spread the word.

Keep the music coming. We'll be here to listen.

Name: Dan
Date/Time: 12/16/10 21:17:07
Here's hoping you don't completely abandon your dedication to complex melodies; it's where your songs really come through with thier sincerity and intrigue.

As far as making the music more accesible, nobody is more deserving of more exposure.

Name: Star
Date/Time: 12/16/10 06:47:32
Hi! Thanks so much for all your kind words!

I think that I will probably start to switch directions here to something new. Recently I have been writing music that I felt was interesting and very "Star-like". That is, I made music designed to be listened to and appreciated by me. I think for the future I want to concentrate on trying to make music that more people can enjoy. I'm not sure what you mean by the carnival aesthetic, but I think it might just be the way I do 'cheerful' music. Systematic Failure was cheerful in this way also. Or it could be a specific instrument I'm using! But yeah, now that I think about it, I see what you're talking about. It wasn't consciously done, thanks for letting me know.

The main thing I would note from an analysis standpoint is that I have started to deemphasize complex melody and emphasize a poppy dancey rhythm sort of situation. I think that's the first step to having wider accessibility. To do this, I need to basically be ok with sacrificing some of the elements of my music (like complexity) to support the rhythm. That's this and to a lesser extent Complex Cosmology were about. I read a book on mixing recently ( and it was excellent and talked about a lot of techniques for doing this. In fact, I remixed (in the literal sense, rather than the ocremix sense) Complex Cosmology after reading that book. That remix is here:

As you can see, it emphasizes a whole new set of things.

I think for the future I want to try working with a completely different set of instruments (orchestral, maybe?) but using them in a 'star-like' manner.

Anyway, thanks for asking! Sorry for being all self-important and ranty!

Name: Nobody
Date/Time: 12/15/10 11:52:42
Hey Star,

I've been a fan for a long time now, your music never fails to impress me. I'm truly shocked that your talent doesn't receive more recognition. Speaking of which, kudos for your intro on 101x!

Your lyrics and vocals are definitely the highlight of your songs. I can't help but notice how your recent music seems to have a 'carnival' sound to it, and this one is no exception. The first song (that i noticed, at least) that had this similar style was Systematic Failure.

Is this the direction you see you music headed in? Or do you see yourself still evolving where composition is concerned? Thanks either way!!!

Name: Kojiro
Date/Time: 12/10/10 01:11:14
Amazing stuff as always star. This one's a real foot tapper.

Name: Wootsicle
Date/Time: 12/05/10 21:15:36
Enjoying this new track. Really love the beat. Keep it up.

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