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Comments for Ionosphere:



Name: Ivan
Date/Time: 09/16/14 10:44:52
This song is wonderful. I've been listening to you for... ten years now, a friend introduced me to your music. Your work is dear to me, like a close friend.

Name: FaeT
Date/Time: 09/18/13 15:55:32
This song!!! You sing your heart out, and your music is transcendental MAGIC, you unconsciously sing my heart out! i love you very much for creating and sharing your works... U are a monumental inspiration! have an excellent day!

Name: Jace
Date/Time: 05/31/13 03:41:58
This song's been around for a bit and the youtube video doesn't have a lot of views, but I love the doodoo out of this song for real. For what it's worth, I love everything about it. Been in my head for days, thank you.

Name: SwagTree
Date/Time: 01/26/13 09:59:45
You working on any new songs? Your sound is unique and very enjoyable. The only band I can thank of that sounds a little like you is Owl City. Hoping to hear more from you soon.

Name: ChaoticFox
Date/Time: 05/20/12 13:13:34
So glad you've finally put up something new!

I adore the hell out of this song, but if I might make a suggestion: it might be nice if the vocals were upped just a bit. I don't know it this was intentional, but they almost seem a bit drowned out by the music at points, and with such poignant lyrics, I'd love to hear them given a little more prominence.

Still adore this though. Hope this means there'll be more to come in the not too distant future <3

Name: Luc
Date/Time: 04/06/12 13:45:25
I feel that this song references a bunch of older songs youve done, Star.

I guess it might just be my imagination though.

It feels like you loosely referenced Complex Cosmology, Forever until tomorrow, back in time and temporary insanity with some of the lyrics.

Name: Danny
Date/Time: 03/22/12 18:23:51
new stuff yyeeeeaaahhhhh

Name: Alex
Date/Time: 03/10/12 19:26:46
Thanks so much for posting a new song. 2011 was arguably the most boring year ever, and it's simply because Star Salzman did not release a song during that time period. So, basically, the algebraic formula is: Star Salzman + New Music(Classic Songs) = Awesome. Oh, and Ionosphere is such a great song too.

Name: ATOM Knives
Date/Time: 03/06/12 13:45:59
YES, Star returns!

Ive never actually commented on any of your songs before, so I wanted you to know that I LOVE your music, and thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

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