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Comments for Interstellar:



Name: Josh
Date/Time: 04/05/05 12:50:44
This is one of your best songs ever. It has the perfect mix of techno and orchestral elements. I especially like the section right around 2:40 where the beat really kicks in. The choir background is also neat. Keep up the awesome work Star!!

Name: Vero
Date/Time: 03/19/05 07:02:48
Wow, I'm surprised this doesn't have more comments... I've been listening to it a lot lately, and it's definitely my favorite one of your originals so far.

I really-really enjoy the slow, deep synth at 4:59.

Name: Vero
Date/Time: 01/23/05 01:55:38
Another great original mix, Star. It's really relaxing.

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