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Comments for Magellanic:



Name: djcubez
Date/Time: 08/23/10 16:49:36
After so many years I STILL can't stop listening to this song :)

Name: Tyler
Date/Time: 12/02/09 19:49:20
This is one of those songs I've heard a dozen times and just recently really paid attention to the lyrics.

It managed to evoke an intense emotional response at the breakdown.

"I see all of you in shades of black and white.
Stick close to me, I'll keep you warm all through the night.
Oh, don't be scared of the sea, you see I'm emperor.
Follow me, follow me."

That caused me to take pause and really hit me like a bag of bricks, on a freight train, on a comet, caught in a black hole, being fast forwarded.

Name: Martin K R
Date/Time: 07/03/05 20:28:43
wow i have head that song so many times and i feel it is more than just two birds, it is a lovesong packed in about birds , and wow the music is awesome and great and very melodic, damn that song makes me smile :-)

thumps up !!! :-)

Name: Vero
Date/Time: 04/07/05 00:20:51
Any song about penguins is awesome. But seriously, the vocals and great, and so is the music. Awesome song; especially if you like rock.

Name: jaems
Date/Time: 01/01/04 18:00:03
Penguins? I love Penguins! Your my favorite!

Name: Shinywalrus
Date/Time: 12/16/03 07:37:18
Easily Star's most underrated song. Download it, be amused.

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