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Comments for Remind Me of Saturday Morning:



Name: NavyMatt
Date/Time: 02/20/04 12:25:04
Nice song. Very sublime. It reminds me of how I felt as a tourist in Japan => my idea would be to call it "Tourist".

Name: Rusteh
Date/Time: 02/06/04 06:26:27
Sex With Aardvark

Name: Kaleb.G
Date/Time: 01/14/04 11:56:51
Hmmm... some more title idea just throwing out:
"The Tallest Windmill", "Frost on the Summit", "Air Conditioner". Damn, I got tons of ideas, and I've helped to name songs for some people at OCR before, so just take what you want. ;)

Name: Kaleb.G
Date/Time: 01/08/04 15:04:19
This one sounds really cool! Here are some title ideas:
- Testament to the Reprecussions
- Suspended Digitization
- Replicated Winter
No time to explain the reasoning behind them, just see if any of them give you any ideas. Anyways, keep up doing awesome stuff like this song!

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