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Comments for It's Hard to Stand Next to Me...:



Name: Kevin
Date/Time: 11/29/06 21:32:28
I still really <3 this song. It makes me happy.

Name: Kevin Che
Date/Time: 04/04/06 08:46:04
I <3 this song.

Name: MichaelJetfire
Date/Time: 08/08/05 07:30:15
ah damn... wrong song. sorry. that last entry was supposed to be in cid sends a dream to the under sea palace. ah crap... sorry about that. damn i am tired this morning. so i listend THIS song to put an actual review for it to make up my little accident. its beautiful, relaxing, and makes me drift off into a little wierd fantasy land... yeah... you get my point.... i hope...

Name: MichaelJetfire
Date/Time: 08/08/05 07:24:54
You know... This song reminds me of the classical song Canon. This is a great remix of a wonderful final fantasy song. good work

Name: Vero
Date/Time: 01/24/05 01:13:04
Wow, I find it very hard to believe that this is a remix of an FFVII song. I couldn't even come close to recognizing the original song, and yes, it is very relaxing.

Name: tsukiyo
Date/Time: 12/29/04 22:12:45
Ever since Star Salzman sent me this track over MSN, it's been one of my favorite! I lost it recently in what I call The Great MP3 cleanup of 2004, and I'm so happy to find it again! I think I'm going to browse around and get more music! ;)

Name: TCK
Date/Time: 01/23/04 23:01:10
Dear lord, I'm suprised there's no comments already. I can't be bothered to recognise the original tune, just because I feel this is a great chill tune. Something to go to sleep to, in a good way.

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