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Comments for Stereo Nitrate:



Name: jasper
Date/Time: 08/27/07 15:21:50
lyrics please
I love this song

Name: DukeGanon
Date/Time: 05/16/06 07:20:46
Yo, I love this there anyway you could post the lyrics to it...I cannot find them ANYWHERE...I've tried and tried, to no if possible, attach the lyrics to this awesome song...I'd love to sing along to it...LOL

Name: michael mains
Date/Time: 08/08/05 07:35:22
Okay... ill just review this with my real name. okay... honestly you should have won that contest... cause this song has nothing wrong with it what so ever... its a wonderful trance remix. you and your friend both have good singing voices. i agree with whoever said you guys should release more dancy techno music songs. cause they are awesome. by the way this is michael jetfire... again...

Name: Vero
Date/Time: 04/07/05 02:12:04
Wtf? You didn't win!? This remix is freakin' awesome! Your friend is a REALLY great singer too! You should remix more licensed dance songs. =)

Name: Spiritchaser
Date/Time: 09/13/04 14:24:35
relaxing song. thumbs up

Name: CFlv/chiZ
Date/Time: 09/06/04 22:03:08
Huh, is that Starcraft's Kerrigan saying something?

Name: DJ_Yoda
Date/Time: 04/02/04 09:57:15
Yummy stuff you've got here, man.

Name: Jason Evans
Date/Time: 03/11/04 22:28:32
Hey man this is just a bad ass remix straight up. You are awesome like for real. Wavy Gravy is one of my favorite songs and you fucking killed it on the remix man. If you have any other remixes of non video game songs PLEASE email me at i would love to hear it all.

Name: Ant
Date/Time: 02/02/04 23:21:12
Why hasn't anyone commented on this song!? It's a great song and your friends voice is really wonderful! It totally shoulda' won!

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