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Comments for Nature's Greatest Miracle:



Name: Keibers
Date/Time: 02/05/10 20:34:10
gotta say, downloaded this when you first posted it and still love it. it's a constant favourite in my ipod. :D thanks for the tunes <3

Name: Boogie Pop Nightmare
Date/Time: 10/28/04 01:49:41
Sorry I haven't posted in a while star, had back surgery ;_;
anyways, was thrilled to see new songs when I came back. Im trying to spread your work around to as many people as I can, and have gotten you quite a few more fans. ^_^ Keep up the work, one day when you're famous I want to be able to say "Way back when, i remember when he only had a few songs on the web." ^_-

But I finally got around to getting this song, and I love it almost as much as Light at the End.
Currently LDing the new ones (After Pillar of salt is new stuff for me) and I cant wait. Congrats on the contest for Africa (Rainy Day Mix).

I still think Stereo Nitrate: Wavy Gravy Remix should have won. That was a hell of a job in my opinion. if you ever want to e-mail me with tips on good progs and sound samples I can get. you've been inspiring me to get back into trying to create songs. I gave up a while back because I feel I suck, but hearing your, it makes me want to try again. Thanks.

Name: Iggy
Date/Time: 06/17/04 12:12:26
This song is great, you really know how to make violins sound real. I like this version better than the CD version.

Name: forty
Date/Time: 01/12/04 20:52:15
Just like Mr. Salzman, this song rocks my penis off.

Name: jaems
Date/Time: 01/12/04 11:20:20
ditto! I was sad when it went down, Thanks!

Name: Kaleb.G
Date/Time: 01/08/04 14:25:17
OMFG, this song Oooooooooooowns!
You work fast, Star. Thanks for putting it back up. ;)

If you like good music, this one's a definite download. Incredible stuff!

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