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Comments for Silence:



Name: Star
Date/Time: 10/01/04 16:50:53
The "lisp" you are hearing in this song is an artifact of the EQ/reverb on the voice. It's not an "actual" lisp. Basically, I should have used a de-esser, but I was too lazy.

Name: Pip
Date/Time: 09/04/04 15:58:19
I havce to say, I love your work, but you have one major setback that is clearer in this song than in any of your others - that bit of a lisp. Quite frankly, if you want to sing, you NEED vocal training to resolve that issue.

Musically, I envy your talent with a passion - and in terms of pitch and whatnot, your singing is more than good enough. That lisp, however, is incredibly annoying every time I hear it. Perhaps part of the reason your songs that use a vocorder always seem so much better is because it covers it up?

Name: Alex
Date/Time: 04/29/04 18:54:37
This was the first song I memorized off of your site.

The lyrics were quite good, and the echo thing near the beginning is really nice. I tried singing this on a computer microphone. Ha... see, my microphone hates me.

Name: NJ Sykora
Date/Time: 03/04/04 14:51:03
I love this song. I love remixers singing but this one ends too suddenly.

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