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Comments for Tatsumakisenputronic:



Name: FuryVII
Date/Time: 10/09/06 14:09:01
This is by far one of my favorite remixes. Like others have said, it gives you that inspirational-ima-badass vibe and for that it rocks.

Plus it's Street Fighter.

Keep up the good work.

Name: M Still
Date/Time: 05/11/05 08:10:24
This track which I first encountered on OCREMIX is amazing and by far my favourite. This track has given me an interest in being involved in game music and look forward to more of the same from you. 8/10

Name: Vero
Date/Time: 01/23/05 01:22:21
Very good for your first OC ReMix. I like it.

Name: DuckMaster
Date/Time: 09/08/04 19:40:18
I'm trying to find songs that are relaxing and kind of uplifting...Well, I found them. Keep up the awesome work you do.

Name: Xenomega
Date/Time: 06/05/04 20:27:11
i agree with every thing fudd just said about this song.

Name: Fudd
Date/Time: 05/13/04 19:57:00
I always feel right when I listen to this song. I really feel in tune with my inner warrior. (I don't care how lame this sounds.) I like the subliminal depth you put in your video game remixes.

Name: moma
Date/Time: 05/06/04 15:42:39
kool tune

Name: Jess W
Date/Time: 01/27/04 09:22:26
Great song. I just discovered it on OC. I love your work. Keep up the great work.

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