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Comments for Lemons:



Name: SakuraX_Unlimited
Date/Time: 02/13/05 19:18:34
Man, I love this song....I've downloaded all of your're my fave remixer and your original songs are the shiet.....hahaha....I just wish some of them weren't in OGG format....I hate that...but nevertheless, I still listen to them....they're too good to resist....*listening to 'Lemons' right now* ^.^

Name: Xeth
Date/Time: 02/06/05 22:36:24
my media player doesn't play it..
Xeth is sad..

Name: Vero
Date/Time: 01/24/05 01:44:15
I really like the gaelic samples. The music is also very nice. I'm so going to sleep to this.

Name: Teo
Date/Time: 08/17/04 22:12:39
That was amazing. I was doing random work around my computer room, and then this song played. I didn't noticed till about the second minute in. And then I told myself "holy crap, this is awesome!" I had forgotten I downloaded a whole bunch of your music. I'm extremly amazed and impressed! You get a thumbs up!

Name: Jenna
Date/Time: 05/25/04 21:12:39
I like this song, lovely job! :) Do you know what the gaelic means? And do you know if you've made coherent phrases with the clips you used? Lol just curious, I wish I knew gaelic. Too bad you haven't got lyrics to this one, it's really great and I'd love to be able to sing along to it without just making random sounds ^_^ anyway, lovely song! :)


Name: Iggy
Date/Time: 04/13/04 19:31:20
This is great! Really! Though, I didn't have dreams of coffee like you described when I listened to this before going to sleep.

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