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Comments for Long Night:



Name: Star
Date/Time: 10/13/13 13:39:32
Wellington: player's discretion. I wrote it completely without thinking about whether a human would be able to play it. :)

Name: Wellington
Date/Time: 10/10/13 22:35:22
I'm currently learning this and I'm very curious as to how you expect > tenths to be played. Do you want it rolled? The lowest or highest note? The lowest or highest Octave?
My approach has been to ignore the high note on the left hand and ignore the low note on the right hand (although the right hand is doesn't have anything higher than an Octave.)

Name: Cristina G.
Date/Time: 08/10/10 19:42:30
It's a relief to finally find the true composer of such a beautiful song. Did you give it to Robert Pattinson? ilike and other sites say that it's his, but Robert's style is so different from that. Anyway, thank you for sharing your masterpiece with everybody. It's very pretty indeed.

Name: Rae
Date/Time: 06/09/10 11:27:05
I'm absolutely in love with this song! It's very relaxing. :)

Name: Leryaner
Date/Time: 01/26/09 13:39:44
This song is sooo beautiful! I have been searching for the sheets for a very long time and I'm quite happy that I found them finally! Great work!!

Name: Alice S.
Date/Time: 01/24/09 08:52:08
Thanks so much! This song is awesome!!!

Name: Star Salzman
Date/Time: 01/15/09 22:39:10

Name: Alice S.
Date/Time: 01/07/09 12:33:35
Could you please post a link for the sheet music? This song is soo beautiful, I love it!

Name: Kelsea
Date/Time: 12/31/08 02:02:18
im dying for the sheet music! is there any out there?

Name: Karen
Date/Time: 12/17/08 17:55:55
this song is famous!!
go to
and type in esmes favorite
there are some fakes
but this is the same song
as it, it was suppost to be from
twilight, that book series.
but i love this song.
absolutely amazing,
is there a way to get
some sheet music or a midi file?
i love this song!!!

Name: Vero
Date/Time: 01/24/05 00:09:59
It's a shame it's so quiet (84 dB), because it's SOO relaxing. I love piano music, and this is just wonderful.

Name: Kaleb.G
Date/Time: 09/29/04 03:48:12
I absolutely love the melody of this song. You should rework it into something new. It rocks!

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