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Comments for Dreams Come True:



Name: Kevin
Date/Time: 11/17/06 21:50:19
The first song I ever heard by you! Great stuff.

Name: R.Cola
Date/Time: 07/04/05 14:12:12
You should do the rest of the series Too!!

Name: Rexy
Date/Time: 10/08/04 01:06:31
Wow, you managed to impress me with this one ^^ Very uplifting and powerful when needed, and Protricity's guitar contributions have done well to add to the strong compositional quality too. I don't know about you, but your song titles do well to make your pieces all the more interesting, as well as the context in your lyrics. Although some EQ balance could be needed in parts, I am still highly content with this and shall keep it on my hard drive for a while.

Star, be sure to keep up the good work :D

Name: Ad Mystery Forest
Date/Time: 10/07/04 21:33:04
Zucht. En ik heb al zo'n last van frequent lozen van flatus en RSI.

Name: Nayus Dante
Date/Time: 07/17/04 12:36:42
I love this song. I loved it enough in the game, but this really makes it complete. This song really seems to flow together, creating perfect harmony between the synth and vocals. I really look forward to every videogame remix you do. If you ever need a suggestion for a mix, I think that To Far Away Times would really fit your style nicely. Keep up the great music.

-Nayus Dante

Name: Sir Hizzle
Date/Time: 07/01/04 16:44:26
so i havent been on OCR in awhile but the other day i go there to catch up, i see the Duck and Cover mix from Star and i know its gotta be good. ive always loved your mixes since Tatsumakisenputronic. anyways, Duck and Cover was very good, and i see DJP put a link to another one of your mixes which i had missed, "Dreams Come True" which DJP called a "magnum opus" so i download it, and as soon as i heard the opening synth riff, i was speechless until the very end. i have to say that this remix has to be the BEST remix ive EVER heard, EVER. star, you have some AWESOME producing abilities and a very good voice to go with it. keep up the great work.

Name: Alex
Date/Time: 04/29/04 18:50:00
The Cast of Characters song for Megaman X was the last song I ever heard in my old grandmother's house. My entire family was gathering for one last time at that same house, and I was determined to beat Megaman X one last time, in my grandmother's memory.

The last thing I heard while I was going out of that house with my family for the last time. And now you've made it into a masterpiece, that brings a perfect flow to this song.

I always looked for an original version of this song, and I was quite unsuccessful to be the thought of that. When I stumbled upon this, it brightened me day, and made me think of the past.

Great job. The vocals, solos, and all of it put together comes for a great remix, and a great song, PERIOD.

The entire world needs to hear this. Then they need to download the rest of your songs.

There's my share of the bandwidth. And now I'm going to comment on the other songs.


Name: Kaleb Grace
Date/Time: 04/28/04 02:51:11
This song is good. Not nearly as brilliant or fun to listen to as TISR, but good stuff and well made.

Name: Steve-o
Date/Time: 04/16/04 23:17:00
Wait a second... I just tried this song, and thought it was beautiful, and then read the thread at OCR where you (Star) said "if it was about love or something stupid and pretentious..." So now I'm confused -- was that sarcastic? Because the first thing I thought when I read these lyrics was, "wow! he's used playing games together as the context for a love song!" I'm going to be really disappointed if all you inteded with those words was to say that strategy guides are for losers.

(Although it would work better as a love song if you let the person it was sung to keep being player one, with you just there to help out -- instead of a strategy guide -- when they need it.)

Even if I'm reading too much into it, I still think it's a great piece of work.


Name: King Matt
Date/Time: 04/06/04 03:14:58
Awesome! Dang. I love this song. Only thing is, I listened to "The Incredible Singing Robot" so many times before this song, that I have a hard time not picturing Robo singing this song as well. Hahahaha... But really, two thumbs up.

Name: LightningMan
Date/Time: 04/02/04 08:57:51
Love the song!!!!!! Damn man. I mean it's just awsome!

Name: JJ
Date/Time: 04/01/04 02:58:28
Short version? Three words: HOLY FREAKIN' COW!!! Long version? If more of the professional artists had even half this much talent, CD sales wouldn't be in a slump. It just kept getting better and better. Not only one of the best remixes I've heard in a while, but one of the best SONGS, period. Keep up the great work!

Name: Steve the Ptarmigan
Date/Time: 04/01/04 00:35:16
From the very first chord, I loved this song. Then the words...uplifting, hopeful, moved me, man. Very, very great stuff. 110/10. It's that good.

Name: Joseph Collins
Date/Time: 03/30/04 05:01:21
. . .I think I just crapped myself. This is a freaking beautiful. . .BEAUTIFUL remix, Star. I cannot even begin to describe how much I love this remix. Just. . .dude. Keep up the good work, for the love of Inafune, keep up the good work.

Name: NJ Sykora
Date/Time: 03/30/04 04:15:17

Date/Time: 03/24/04 21:59:59
Hey, OFMG, you spelled "OMFG" wrong.

Name: OFMG
Date/Time: 03/12/04 19:10:55

Name: Leokef
Date/Time: 02/28/04 00:04:59
Superific and uplifting in a time when I could definitely use it. Clever and (if you can dig it) insightful lyrics--probably the best aspect of this song... and most of the other Star hits, I've begun to notice. Keep it up; They're leaps and bounds ahead of the instrumentals, in my humble opinion.

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