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Comments for Total Eclipse:



Name: Kevin
Date/Time: 03/14/07 10:47:06
Man, I still really love this song. I even made a ringtone version of it for my phone.

Name: Kevin
Date/Time: 11/15/06 23:23:24
Yeah, I don't see why this gets overlooked either. It totally eclipses everything else.

Name: MichaelJetfire
Date/Time: 08/08/05 07:45:12
i dont know why this one gets overlooked. i would listen to any song with any name. this is a brilliant song. i give this 10/10... just like all your other songs...

Name: Boogie Pop Nightmare
Date/Time: 09/24/04 18:05:43
I dont know why I didnt comment on this one earlier, but this is one of those songs I love just listening to with my eyes closed and just letting my mind play around with the song.

Name: Garian
Date/Time: 05/18/04 09:20:13
yay~ a name for it

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