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Comments for When You See the Flashman...:



Name: ShunSatsuGanon
Date/Time: 07/20/04 18:38:40
Man, what more could I say but...."BRAVO"'ve managed to become my favorite OC've even passed McVaffe in my eyes....I love your songs...especially "The Incredible Singing Robot"...I swear, that song turned me onto you like no other...I still love that song til this day....I have that song included in many of my personal CDs and also I like this song...."Duck and Cover" this song is so awesome, I mean, it doesn't even need to be called a "FlashMan Remix"...this song stands alone, by's a brand new song....I mean, awesome...keep up the great work man....I hope to hear more music from you later....take it easy....PI~

Name: Leokef
Date/Time: 04/29/04 17:17:39
Not many comments going for this song, so I'll toss in my two cents. I liked the implementation of strings and horns. They keep making me think of spy/espionage films. Maybe I'm just crazy (a distinct possibility), but with a few modifications, I wouldn't be surprised to see this as the next James Bond theme song.

Name: Kaleb Grace
Date/Time: 04/10/04 01:26:02
Awesome arrangement, man! This has to be my favorite remix of yours since the Incredible Singing Robot. Keep up the melody mixin'!

Date/Time: 04/06/04 20:34:12
Yet another masterpiece. I'm putting it on my Starblast playlist, next to Tickle my Wily and Duck Blur.

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