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Comments for Temporary Insanity:



Name: SakuraX_Unlimited
Date/Time: 02/22/05 11:27:32
Yo man, I've posted a couple comments, but I just have to say that this song is one of THE BEST songs I have ever heard, when I first heard this, my girlfriend and I made this our it has significant meaning to it, keep makin' these kick ass songs dude......PI~

Name: Spiritchaser
Date/Time: 10/15/04 16:56:58
Just came back here when I noticed you had a newer version of this song up.. and just to say it rocks!! I had no idea you could make the song better... I thought it had reached its max but NO... heh heh...

Name: The Gemini Sage
Date/Time: 10/04/04 18:08:58
Oh. My. Goddesses.

This is soo wonderful. I've been hooked on your songs since I found Pillar of Salt on OCRemix, (djp said you had an ego, but I don't mind boosting it a bit :p) and this is by far the one with the most emotion. It just rocks. I love the way you sing, and though the instruments aren't my favorite kind, they fit the song well. This is really really good.

Name: wmjasonx
Date/Time: 08/22/04 15:55:03
This song is beyond me. First off, I love the lyrics. I can definitely relate to them and they are just so very true. The instruments are decent but fit the song well.
I'm not lying to you when I say I've listened to this song repeatedly for weeks. This may be my favorite song from you yet, Star. Great job on this one.

Name: TCK
Date/Time: 08/02/04 17:38:38
You don't need me to validate this to kick ass.

Name: Trystam
Date/Time: 06/30/04 02:45:38
damn, this is the best song i've ever heard from you man, you've improved so much i was stunned when i listened, insainly great job man

Name: ArgonX
Date/Time: 06/14/04 22:48:51
Hey Star.

I really love all of your music, and I was first introduced to it by TISR, just like many. Man I remember the say that I first stumbled upon OCR and found your song. I was overjoyed to find such a jewel. Let me tell you, I must have listened to it 15 or so times that day, on full blast. I digress though. I'm really drawn to this song because it's actually helping me through a rough part of my life. The lyrics completely capture what I'm going through right now and they mean alot to me. I sing along to it all the time, and it makes me feel better.


Name: Mrs. Natalie Salzman
Date/Time: 06/08/04 20:35:37
congratulations star, you've made it to the very top of my "chill music" playlist. Considering it embodies 6.7 gigs on my computer, that is QUITE a feat.

rawk on, star-love!

Name: Desert Snowstorm
Date/Time: 06/06/04 23:54:27
I'd agree. Your lyrics and your singing have improved. Although they were somewhat more cryptic (and, therefore, mysterious) in your previous songs, they've definitely gotten more simplistic in a good way. I love the way you convey emotions so simply in your lyrics. Keep on singing! ^.^

Name: Spiritchaser
Date/Time: 06/06/04 18:01:15
It's my favorite lyrics yet, plus the singing is my favorite; however, the instrumentals are not as good as 'Dreams Come True', but they are my second favorite from your songs, as they do remind me of a mixture of all of the Mega Man games' compositions into one song. (Some of it even reminded me of Megaman Legends [whoa, lol])

A major 'Huzzah!' to this one!

Name: Leokef
Date/Time: 06/06/04 12:28:46
Hmm, I'm not as impressed with this song as I am with others of yours. It's good, and I also think your singing is improving, but there just isn't enough... energy behind this. Maybe it's just my tastes. However, I do like the change in key at 2:56.

Name: Xenomega
Date/Time: 06/05/04 20:14:03
your music r0x0rs.
keep it up.

Name: NJ Sykora
Date/Time: 06/04/04 18:34:55
Wooo first comment.
Very nice indeed, sounds like your singing gets better with each song. Keep the vocal tunes coming Star.

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