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Name: Viz
Date/Time: 10/20/05 05:12:42
I downloaded this song ages ago and it seems that I never get tired of listening to it. It makes absolutely perfect sense... or not, but the bottom line is, it's a wonderful piece of music that never fails to put me in a better mood. It strikes me as a pretty good testimony to the buggy-eyed wonder with which we all find ourselves looking at all the strange things in the world every now and then. It's great, great, Great, and so darn funny. Go you. :)

Name: watkinzez
Date/Time: 09/30/05 21:15:37
No one's mentioned the awesome Cockney accent you did. Coolest. Lyrics. Ever.

Name: K1
Date/Time: 08/04/04 00:42:18
This is pretty awsome, but other than that, I have no idea wtf this is.

Name: Spiritchaser
Date/Time: 07/27/04 18:24:17
You're absolutely right, Star. This IS catchy.

I award this song... Spiritchaser's Song of the Month Award! :D

Name: smh
Date/Time: 07/19/04 08:57:07
what the fuck, star

what the fuck


Name: Nayus Dante
Date/Time: 07/17/04 12:26:39
Im impressed with this one. It takes a very different approach from your other works, but keeps the same creative style. The lyrics were much more bizzare than your others, but they still manage to make you look beyond the words and listen to the real tallent. I love the synth leads you use. If you get a chance, email me at and tell me what equipment you use. Your music has really inspired me.

-Nayus Dante

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