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Comments for Perfect Strangers - I got Balke's Magic Wand:



Name: Deanime1104
Date/Time: 09/19/09 19:49:37
Great job! Love this song!^__^

Name: Online Texas Hold 'Em
Date/Time: 08/12/05 10:14:21
OMG! Log on now for the hottest, juiciest poker action anywhere. Is that a pair of aces in the pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Name: Troy Mabry
Date/Time: 07/29/05 11:09:54
While this is a great remix, I do have quite a few problems with it that lead me to understand why it could have lost that contest (Though I only heard two of the other entries)
One, the first line sounds disjointed, awkward, and rhythmically off.
Two, after about 1:10, when all the lyrics have been gone through once, though it remains of a high QUALITY, it all feels somewhat recycled and loses its memorability, 'least in my mind.

Then again, maybe my complaints are based on the fact that I seem to be one of the few who actually LIKED the original "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now".

Otherwise, it's definitely good. Keep up the awesomeness.

Name: CasualT
Date/Time: 04/22/05 23:06:14
Now I wanna know what organization would sponsor a contest to remix the theme from Perfect Strangers =)

I remember liking this show from when I was a kid. Nice remix. I assume that's Star doing the vocals.

Now I know why OCRemix only sees a new tune from Star like twice a year, he's busy doing non-game related remixes (which is a genre I didn't even know existed).

Name: Epic
Date/Time: 01/07/05 13:26:07
I looked up the contest at OUS. Again, this is the best mix of them all.

Name: Lightning Man
Date/Time: 12/24/04 06:59:58
OMG!!! I love this song! I remember the theme to this show too! I gotta get the original verions now. Your remixes are the best! FRIKIN' AWESOME!

Name: Nayus Dante
Date/Time: 11/13/04 16:09:21
Wow, I love this one. I like the backwards message. I wont spoil it for anyone else, but its really cool. This song makes me wanna see the show. Never heard of it...

Good job, Star!

Name: swt
Date/Time: 10/31/04 19:14:15 there's no way my entry will win.

Curse you, Salzman! Currrrrse youuuuuuuuu!

Your Pal,

Name: NJ
Date/Time: 10/30/04 08:11:23
Wow. Not since Magellanic has a song been this epic. Awesome.

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