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Comments for See You Dance:



Name: Gregorio III
Date/Time: 06/12/07 22:57:37
This song is bloody incredible. Some parts of it reminds me of Scooter for some reason.

Name: Aaron
Date/Time: 02/01/07 02:14:41
Love this song on FFR glad I found a regular version I can listen to. Good work on this.

Name: DJ Tetsusaiga
Date/Time: 12/30/06 10:10:57
god this song is so freaking awesome! thank you so much, what do you use for a vocoder? O__O i want it....soooooooo cool

Name: dancing in my pants
Date/Time: 03/14/06 20:38:24
ddddddd dance I want to see you dance wheres the ball wheres the ball?

Date/Time: 02/23/06 11:54:15
Hey this song rocks!!!! Looking forward to another one of your great songs! Keep up the great work!

Um... Do you mind me attempting to make a Simfile for Stepmania for this song? I make pad songs but I've just started making a few and I think this song ROCKS!!! >.>; Um... if I do try to make one you can check it out every step of the way >.<;

That way you can see people dance! >.>;

Really though it kicks arse! I love this song! Your entire way of creating songs is great and I'm going to make a link to this website cause you rock!

Name: MaGi_TekK
Date/Time: 01/15/06 17:36:05
whoa dude, you're like a techno genius. This song is really deep. How many months did you spend perfecting the intricate vocalizations and the arbitrary but subtle lyrics. People totally need to find out about your amazing skills. You can DJ at my parties anytime!

Name: Michael Levi (artist name:MSL)
Date/Time: 01/01/06 18:26:35
hey man this is awesome dude. The voice sounds cool man and so does everything else. You rock!

Name: Amy
Date/Time: 12/21/05 16:17:28

Name: ya
Date/Time: 12/06/05 22:09:07
this song jams

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