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The Guestbook

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Name: brandi
Date/Time: 09/25/01 23:32:01

Look! I signed your guestbook! I bet you're so happy now! :)

Name: bobby a
Date/Time: 09/25/01 18:27:01

wussup, yo? ok i'm finally goin to your site. i'll be sure to check out too. or is it ASSjar? badass guestbook. good job on the site too. one gripe though - make back.jpg SMALLER! (the background for the navigation frame). it's huge - way bigger than the actual frame - and takes forever to load. and can be just a small square and it'll tile nicely. i'll check out your sound files at the computer lab when i don't have a slow-ass ghetto connection (plus, i'm downloading IE6 right now too). be sure to drop by my site yo - and sign MY guestbook!!!! i'll hound you til you do. you can also post a guest_message. see you thurs. bring that cd! i'm 'sposed to remind u. with photoshop, norton. later. word.

Name: (cool)becca
Date/Time: 09/25/01 14:39:30

I haven't looked at the website yet. I thought the guestbook should be my first priority. But it looks mighty fine so far.

Name: Greg Whitney
Date/Time: 09/25/01 12:07:14

Dude, I thought I spent too much time on all of this stuff :) Cool site man. Call me soon and I'll come over and see your appartment.

Name: Love040581
Date/Time: 09/25/01 11:14:29

Star, you have too much time on your hands! Well, I signed your guest book! I hope you're happy! 8^P Have a good day!

Name: McJive
Date/Time: 09/25/01 10:25:55

Star is not just a flaming ball of gas. Star is one cool cat.

Name: FLOOP!!!!!!!!!!!
Date/Time: 09/25/01 09:53:07

There's only one Star.

I hear he has facial reconstructive surgery every 3 years so no one knows what he looks like. He can shoot fire from his eyes...and bolts of lightning out his arse.

Name: eat my doo doo
Date/Time: 09/25/01 09:36:58


Name: Rusty Guinn
Date/Time: 09/25/01 07:13:24

I'm sorry. I had to sign again. I can't contain myself. My kneecaps are chafing, for goodness sakes! I'm all tipsy! Look at me, I'm like a little girl!$! Look at the little girl! Look at the little girl!!!$

Name: Rusty Guinn
Date/Time: 09/25/01 07:04:39

I'm in awe. I'm flabbgermergasted!$$! This page rocks my world and sucks on my earlobes!$!

Name: Administrator
Date/Time: 09/25/01 05:45:23

Just testing...

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