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The Guestbook

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Name: amanda
Date/Time: 09/25/01 23:47:27

IT'S FUNTASTICO, INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Pennuh
Date/Time: 09/25/01 23:38:38

yo twinkle twinkle! so are you all yellow today? well i'm trying to listen to your funky radio but it's taking forever. it's probably my comp's problem but i'd rather blame it on you. so i'm deducting a star from your guest_rating. :P also, you still haven't told me hello so there goes another star. and you haven't come to visit me so bye bye 3rd star. you are impatient so i gotta take another star off. but you did say you loved me so i guess i'll add one on. so you get 2 stars. sorry twinkle twinkle, i'm a very demading and high maintenance friend huh? deal w/it! now don't you regret asking me to sign? MOO-HA-HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!toodles! *muah*

Name: brandi
Date/Time: 09/25/01 23:32:01

Look! I signed your guestbook! I bet you're so happy now! :)

Name: bobby a
Date/Time: 09/25/01 18:27:01

wussup, yo? ok i'm finally goin to your site. i'll be sure to check out too. or is it ASSjar? badass guestbook. good job on the site too. one gripe though - make back.jpg SMALLER! (the background for the navigation frame). it's huge - way bigger than the actual frame - and takes forever to load. and can be just a small square and it'll tile nicely. i'll check out your sound files at the computer lab when i don't have a slow-ass ghetto connection (plus, i'm downloading IE6 right now too). be sure to drop by my site yo - and sign MY guestbook!!!! i'll hound you til you do. you can also post a guest_message. see you thurs. bring that cd! i'm 'sposed to remind u. with photoshop, norton. later. word.

Name: (cool)becca
Date/Time: 09/25/01 14:39:30

I haven't looked at the website yet. I thought the guestbook should be my first priority. But it looks mighty fine so far.

Name: Greg Whitney
Date/Time: 09/25/01 12:07:14

Dude, I thought I spent too much time on all of this stuff :) Cool site man. Call me soon and I'll come over and see your appartment.

Name: Love040581
Date/Time: 09/25/01 11:14:29

Star, you have too much time on your hands! Well, I signed your guest book! I hope you're happy! 8^P Have a good day!

Name: McJive
Date/Time: 09/25/01 10:25:55

Star is not just a flaming ball of gas. Star is one cool cat.

Name: FLOOP!!!!!!!!!!!
Date/Time: 09/25/01 09:53:07

There's only one Star.

I hear he has facial reconstructive surgery every 3 years so no one knows what he looks like. He can shoot fire from his eyes...and bolts of lightning out his arse.

Name: eat my doo doo
Date/Time: 09/25/01 09:36:58


Name: Rusty Guinn
Date/Time: 09/25/01 07:13:24

I'm sorry. I had to sign again. I can't contain myself. My kneecaps are chafing, for goodness sakes! I'm all tipsy! Look at me, I'm like a little girl!$! Look at the little girl! Look at the little girl!!!$

Name: Rusty Guinn
Date/Time: 09/25/01 07:04:39

I'm in awe. I'm flabbgermergasted!$$! This page rocks my world and sucks on my earlobes!$!

Name: Administrator
Date/Time: 09/25/01 05:45:23

Just testing...

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