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Name: Turdblast
URL: http://www.ShineMyWalrus.Net
Date/Time: 11/22/04 15:22:11

Are you available for parties? I heard you play the spoons.

Name: Sunblast
Date/Time: 11/20/04 16:36:28

Star Salzman is one of the most complex, cool, interesting, handsome, funniest, guy I have EVER met.
I love him.

Name: Spoon
Date/Time: 11/17/04 12:04:21

Ahhh Yeah "Ima Hobbit" aka Jason Biggs. Sorry your home page gave it away.
Anyway, i see some harsh words here on the guest book about Star. My guess is that they are asian,they cant be trusted. hell i invented them and i dont even trust em. The only way to get them on your side is to sacrafice a goat to their evil god Dance Dance Revolution.

Name: Ima Hobbit
Date/Time: 11/16/04 10:21:11

I want to be surounded with hobbits. Can't you see it now. So peaceful and serine. And if one steps out of line I would kick him or her in the throat and that would teach them. Ahhh... Hobbits

Name: James Bond
Date/Time: 11/16/04 09:44:14

I broke into Star's apt. last night to find out why he is so cool. What I found may shock you. He has figured out a way to hardwire himself into the internet. He rolled over after I steped on some doritos that he had cleverly sprinkled out to wake him if anyone came to close to him while he was sleeping. But I did not awake him from his slumber. He rolled over and there in his ass was a wireless modem with the antenna sticking out. Sorry your busted. 007

Name: El Ornitorrinco...Again...
Date/Time: 11/13/04 11:51:29

OK, DUDE. YOU'RE THE AWSOMEST GUY EVAR! You have a song called "Platypus"!?!?!?!?!!!! Dude, you're officaly my hero! Look at me email! "Ornitorrinco" is "Platypus" in Spanish! I'm obssesed with platypi, they're so awsome! And now I have to listen to your platypus song! Dude, you're coolness level in my opinion just went up by like, a million and two! Seriously! The last song I wrote was called "Revenge of the Platypi" You have no idea how awsome I think you are now...Like...The awesomest guy...EVAR. Seriously. You're now on my top ten artist list just for that. I think that you might even be better than my two current music aritsts...DarkeSword (Shariq Ansari) and Dr. Fruitcake(I know his name, but he likes to keep his real identity hidden...Dun dun DUNNNN)!

Name: El Ornitorrinco
Date/Time: 11/13/04 11:18:55

I often go to OCRemix for their music (The forums suck majorly) and I LOVED your Spacebeam song (It was SOOOOO funny!) and I decided to check out homepage that you provided at the website... I have recently started composing music and right now I'm going through your music with lyrics section...Lets see... "Silence" just ended... Onto "Dreams Come True"... I really love your work - it's very original and good. It's got all of the good stuff of this new 'Alternative rock" crap and doesn't have all of the stuff I don't like about it. I like how your harmonies are always good enough to be a melody be themselves...I think that's what makes truely great music artists, and I think it's safe to say that you're a truely great music artist. I hope to get my music up to as consitantly good as yours is some day.

Name: Ugoff
Date/Time: 11/13/04 01:25:19

Please, I am Ugoff.

Name: James
Date/Time: 11/12/04 17:45:09

Bold words for a dude named Meinpenis Man.

Name: Meinpenis Man
Date/Time: 11/10/04 00:42:49

Starblast is quite possibly the most over-rated, over-hyped, and fattest musician out there. His El Musica is fantabulous if you dig cheezy, overproduced, electronic music with mediocre vocals. The dude doesnt even play an instrument. Yet he does have 13 year old chinese boys who worship him and want to be just like him when the grow up (i.e. IggyKoopa) Other than that, I cant get enough of this crapola. Listening to Incredible SInging Robot was the single most influencial event of my life. Thank you Star, you freako nerd geekoid.

Name: DJBren
Date/Time: 11/08/04 12:45:27

Hey Salzman, do you have any influence from any other artists? I really like your style, and I rarely hear anything like it. Good stuff, man.


Name: James
Date/Time: 11/05/04 20:20:08

Star, you're my hero!
Of course, if you had a dime every time you heard someone say that to you, you wouldn't need donations.
Stay totally awesome dude!

Name: danny
Date/Time: 10/26/04 20:15:24

star, i lost my phone and don't know your number, email it to me - word, bigdmiller

Name: spoon
Date/Time: 10/26/04 07:19:29

Ahhhh... I love the smell of asians in the morning. Hey I got GTA San Andreas come over and play. We have a washer and dryer.

Name: Patricia, The Other Girl Next Door
URL: No!
Date/Time: 10/25/04 15:53:10

Star, you're the shiznit! But it's enchilada time, so I have to go now. Love you!

Name: 3ternal
URL: dont have one yet
Date/Time: 10/22/04 07:09:04

hey fellow remixer and online dj.
im the dj with the fire.
your stuffs pretty cool too.
3ternal was here.

Name: Loser
Date/Time: 10/19/04 09:20:40

I get paid next week

sign the loser becasue I am one. ^_^

Name: Andrea the Girl Next Door
Date/Time: 10/09/04 19:10:28

This is your favorite groupie... I adore you. You are the greatest guy-- alicia loves you too. I am so glad we've gotten to know you, I consider myself your greatest fan. In fact I may start a shrine (is that scaring you?). Kinda drunk so you may want to disregard this message, but anyways, continue making your fabulous music!
Love you always,

Name: Jon Martindill
Date/Time: 10/08/04 12:10:49

How do u have the same name as me?!?!?! did ur great,great, etc. grandfather fight in the civil war and get his name changed from martindale to martindill due to a typo? if so reply... if not... dont...(*_*):-)

Name: Spoon
Date/Time: 10/08/04 07:50:29

Star I love your remix of Q-bert lvl 265. It realy captures Q-berts pain and remorse. Keep up the good work man. Oh yeah, instead of asking for donations why not go and panhandle at 35 & 71. Its the same thing and you will make more money.

Name: Wanna Kickyu
Date/Time: 10/01/04 18:29:09

I would like to give you 1000 dollars tell me how I can do it.

Name: jaems
Date/Time: 09/29/04 19:42:53

no more cds? that bites. I already got it... and the music is free, but... i like cds!
Star Salzman, Rock, Rock On!

Name: Shuriken82
Date/Time: 09/23/04 06:40:05

Nice page! I really like your music :)

Name: MaGi_TekK
Date/Time: 09/16/04 21:05:10

You know why I love subway? The food is cheap and the sandwich is there.

Name: Stacky
Date/Time: 09/11/04 02:22:20

Hey baby what's your name? What's your number?

Name: Zero Ray
Date/Time: 09/07/04 14:31:43

I get paid thursday! Guess whos geting a donation??? I love your music, and pretty much everything you do! I plan on giving you a donation every month!

Name: Seth Yo
Date/Time: 09/06/04 10:37:04

Hmm... in case you were curious, my email address is ^_^

Name: Zero Ray
Date/Time: 09/05/04 11:29:08


Name: Seth Moran
Date/Time: 09/04/04 11:34:35

AVRAM!! REMEMBER ME??! ITS SETH! I went to Beverly Hills High and Beverly Vista with you! Omgosh man.. its been a looong time. Dude, if you're still the big geek that I thought you were, email me dude. Let me know what's up!?!?


Name: texas holdem
Date/Time: 09/01/04 13:03:02

Hello. Where did you get your goestbook script?

Name: B.L
Date/Time: 09/01/04 12:12:58

This is too good to not be labeled. Amazing sound

Name: Erik J
Date/Time: 08/31/04 17:25:33

man! i love your stuff!!!

Name: Sean
Date/Time: 08/30/04 11:39:01

It's been a while since I've even thought about talking to Star. Long ago he and I had many differences (I seemed to have many of those with alot of people). It took me a long time to realize it was my attitude toward others as well as my own insecurity that caused these. Anyway, I was looking through the remixes and saw the link to this page, and I guess before math starts in 10 minutes I thought I would just write and say what I think about the music. I think Star has always had a natural gift for music which is and always has been quite impressive. It's latelly though that I have noticed a leap in his structure/overall composition. It's really quite fascinating to see someone prosper to so many new heights. Way to go, you seem like you're going to go far.

Name: Christina Warren
Date/Time: 08/26/04 19:44:45

You. Are. Awesome.

My fiance introduced me to your website, and I'm very impressed! Your work is wonderful from what I have heard thus far and I plan on donating as soon as I can!

Name: Majeliss
Date/Time: 08/19/04 14:05:11

omg, i swear, this is one of the things that makes stars ego so big, and arrogant.

but regardless, good job on music, and kudos.


Name: Derek Hurst
Date/Time: 08/17/04 15:25:02

Wow I have to say I'm really impressed with your music. Though I can't seem to find a bio section on your site though, what kind of background do you have? I've been playing piano for 10 years and writing music for 3, and I have to say I am jealous as hell. Keep making plz.

Name: Lurial
Date/Time: 08/13/04 13:43:07

Awesome music! Keep up the great work. :)

Name: Terance
Date/Time: 08/10/04 16:22:07

Yeah. Your stuff rocks. And some of it is downright worthy of the words "BEST _____ EVER"

____=Megaman/CT/etc Remix ever.

I talked to you on AIM once. TheRealCrapMan <.< >.>

Name: MaGi_TekK
Date/Time: 08/10/04 11:26:57

Hey Star, ur site is really cool, keep up the good work, although really it's your computer doing all the work, keeping all that data storage intact...actually it's like, magnetic fields doing all the work cause they're holding the data onto the hard drives. But what if anything is driving those magnetic fields? How are we going to make amends with gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces? Until then, we don't really know what is keeping up your good work, but something out there is.

Name: ShiroiHikari
Date/Time: 08/09/04 13:48:33

Dood, if I had the money I'd totally buy your CD. Your music is approximately 344345374436342134 times better than the crap that's on the radio today. So keep up the good work!

Name: Marshall
Date/Time: 08/07/04 09:42:10

Yes you know ur great. I was woundering what program you use because I want to start to make music. Have you ever thought of working for Square or Namco on the Xenosaga project? Because the music for episode II wasnt what it should have been and you can make it really good.

Name: Krissy
Date/Time: 08/02/04 09:11:06

HEY sTaR! your site is pretty kewi, and i love the songs keep up the great work! i'm lovin' it!
anyone care to e-mail me feel free!

Name: TurricaN
Date/Time: 07/25/04 02:36:37

Whooooooo!! Man! You're fantastic!
Just wanted to say that! :)

Name: Brooke!
Date/Time: 07/24/04 20:02:43

Man your awesome!!! Cool Site Star!

Name: d00d
Date/Time: 07/24/04 13:11:52

Blargh. Rock. Gaaagh. MuzAk goodness. Hurray.

Name: Tanis Nikana
Date/Time: 07/18/04 12:41:07

Great music, although I think pants are some of the worst clothes ever invented. I mean, having a rough seam and a zipper rub your delicates all day? Skirts are much better.

Please don't kill me!

Name: cooliscool
Date/Time: 07/10/04 04:31:42

Loving the Megaman remixes.. keep it up. It's amazing. :)

Name: Allison
Date/Time: 07/01/04 16:13:30

So, my boyfriend recently purchased your cd and he let me borrow it. I've been listening to it oodles and oodles and I love it! I also respect your interest in trying different styles of music, as you did in "Waning Oriental." I think "A Better Way" is my favorite song on the album because I feel all happy inside while (and after) hearing it. I plan to donate soon and I hope your fundraising efforts are coming along nicely, so you can continue to hook all of us up with more Star tunes! Cheers!

Name: Geoffrey Taucer
Date/Time: 06/20/04 12:57:59

You. Are. Brilliant. I love your music. Your original music, your remixes, and your lyrics to both are absolutely brilliant. You really should release some CDs of original music. I for one will buy any Star Salzman CD as soon as it comes out. Oh, and I'm planning on donating very soon, but I'm really short on cash at the moment. Please continue being brilliant :)

Name: Wildman
Date/Time: 06/15/04 17:32:55

Hey man...hope you're doing well on the donations...will throw some bone ASAP...keep making the music man, never stop! ROCK ON


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