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Name: becca
Date/Time: 07/05/02 01:29:42

i haven't even gotten a chance to look around at everything, but i can tell that this is my favorite site. of all the sites. ever. yes.
you need to visit. okay, back to iming with you.

Name: Rachael (Cornflake Girl)
Date/Time: 07/04/02 17:51:40

I loooooooooove it. My site sucks, but what can ya do? I think you are awesome, and you have a *wonderful voice* Just like the guy from Modest Mouse tehe, and keep up that music stuff, you're real talented. Which I was the same :O) Heart, Rachael

Name: lowell holderness
Date/Time: 06/27/02 07:49:31

yo dude, i thought i'd stop in to see what you've been up to. it's like way too early for me to be up. next time i won't get to work so early.

Name: matt ducroz
Date/Time: 06/19/02 16:24:44

hello star

Name: stumpy
Date/Time: 06/14/02 21:23:32

To Bad Its Your Day Off, But If You To Work Come On Bye. We Will Find Something For You To Do. ( not really) IN JOY YOUR DAY AND DONT DO ANYTHING OR ANYBODY I WOULD NOT DO. IS SO NAME IT AFTER ME.

Name: Jo
Date/Time: 06/10/02 00:04:39

'Sup Starbo? I gave your site 5 stars for no reason whatsoever... i haven't even looked at the page really, but you're a kewl dude and i like stars, so the more the merrier... :)
Keep composing, doing your computer thing, and IMing me "DAH! My brain!"

Name: Mark (su "hermano")
URL: ahahha nope
Date/Time: 06/10/02 00:04:18

wee willy winky runs through the town. (??) WIAG! nice star

Name: Cecilia
Date/Time: 06/08/02 22:19:47

I had to give you four stars cos my favorite part of the page was actually Mark's guestbook entry. If a guestbook entry is my favorite part, then there's a little room for improvement :) Nah, I just wanted to give you a hard time, as always. I love the commentaries. This may not be your area, but I think you or someone else should write something on Jose Canseco. One, you've got the cali connection, and two, Jose Canseco ALWAYS makes me laugh. You crack me up, Star. Keep it up. Oh, and to everyone else reading this- it should be known that Star Salzman is one of my top five favorite people to have graduated in the class of 2000 from Columbia High School. You have no idea how impressed you should be.

Name: Karly
Date/Time: 06/03/02 14:28:23

i'm the girl with the delorean

Name: jennifer
Date/Time: 05/31/02 19:17:58

hot diggity dawg. i get to sign your guest book. i hear it is the guestbook of champions, lucky me. :)

Name: Craig Mireless
Date/Time: 05/18/02 16:12:42

What's up you Scurbby Shister Bastard
The Store is countin on you to represent at the Jedi Night Tournement
so don't let us down! Star Man we need to get real on the web ideas, you need to bug your aunt about the info! Im down to put in work only problem is we live so far away from each other to collaborate! So get REAL Danmit let's make some CASH!

Name: BeauJon
Date/Time: 05/18/02 15:45:02

Hey Star. Your page is pretty good. If I had the time, I might get a web page.


Name: syumpy
Date/Time: 05/17/02 22:03:16

not bad bad for a white boy thats not all there. 1 problem, i clicked a music files and now i cant turn it OFF!!

get well and get back to work soon!!!


Name: The Rint
Date/Time: 04/29/02 02:18:19

|<r4d 5173 3574r. the new color scheme
makes me tingle. Just lose the frames
and that awful Windows2000 logo!

P.S. Beware the gerbil which does not peep.

Name: The Rint Machine
Date/Time: 04/29/02 02:15:34

Five Stars, imagine that. Dipsy's hat.

Name: Mexico
Date/Time: 04/23/02 21:34:56

Viva la Mexico(chorty)

Name: Danoclese
Date/Time: 04/23/02 09:08:19

your pitiful excuse for a website should be wiped off the face of the earth. BUT. because you are hosting my site for me i will allow it to remain. SAN DEEMUS HIGHSCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES

Name: Miles
Date/Time: 04/22/02 23:10:01

If helen hunt was in the nude THEN we could really see if she was sexy or not. haha. Nice, I got on at Computron. later

Name: Renee Castillo
Date/Time: 04/22/02 22:50:53

Hey Star where the hell have you been? Everyone in Singers misses you. guest_email me sometime and let me know you're still alive.

Name: drano
Date/Time: 04/22/02 22:22:33


Name: majika
URL: none
Date/Time: 04/22/02 21:58:50

a damn good place to be.
had to see it.

*licks the Starman*

Name: Dirk420
Date/Time: 04/22/02 17:14:50

Yo Star just checkin the shiet out....not 2 bad =)-~

Name: bobby
Date/Time: 11/02/01 03:41:34

dude hammer u crack me up. i'm giving him one star too - cause that's what he is! plus he won't get on his fookin ankle and come to class. come on, slacker! it's not like you're at home workin on this site, cause hey, it's still ghetto. it blows himalayan low-sack yaks. and what's up with the OU pics being so freakin HHHHHHUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE???!!!!!!

Name: Chris Hammer
Date/Time: 10/26/01 23:36:28

Still one star, Star. I can't go any higher unless you start COMING TO CHOIR or ANSWERING MY INSTANT MESSAGES. Whore. Go play with your ghetto-fabulous website in notepad format. One time at choir camp I sang this German song called "O Isis Und Osiris" from The Magic Flute. Here's a sample of the lyrics: O Isis und Osiris schenket der weiheit geiss dem noi en paar. Wu ehr der wondrer schrickte lenget. I think that means something like "Oh Lord, why does Star's website suck ghetto balls so bad?"

Name: Miss Mary Lynn (mamabede)
Date/Time: 10/26/01 08:03:17

Hey there studd!
What the heck do you do all day?

Cute cute cute! just like you i imagine. Anyways, Keep it up, always improve it, you da supa star!

Hugs and Loves and Triple the Kisses!
Miss Mary Lynn (mamabede)

Name: H-Bomb
Date/Time: 10/15/01 23:14:19

Sweet Site! But like I told you on the phone its appearance is quite lackluster. I really think you could spruce up the place a little with maybe a background other than grey! (my choice would obviously be magenta)

Just for shits and giggles I'd like to throw in some famous Star quotes that have made is all laugh or gag, which ever was more appropriate at the present moment:
Star, "Guh"

Star, "UNF" which by the way will someday be an element on the periodic table

Star, "I'm not laughing at the fact that you burned your balls in my soup, it is just a funny thing that happened"

Star, "My name is Star and a drive a red car, it goes real fast when I use high octane gas ......etc. etc. etc."

Star after one of his friends asks him something that might actually take some effort to explain, "It's weird" this phrase might also be replaced with "It's crazuh"

Star, "Beguk"

Star, "Dude" this phrase will be used about every 1-3 words after Star has recently seen baseketball.

Star, "Yoink"

Star, "Doh"

There are many more famous Star quotes that elude me for the moment but I will surely come back and post them when I remember them.

Name: Cadet Reid
Date/Time: 10/08/01 22:47:30

Pretty damn good. The "essays by Shiny and Magi are great. I especially like the one about the damn-weed-smoking-hemp-wearing-sons-of-bitches-whose-balls-haven't-dropped-yet-so-they-don't-have-the-nuts-or-guts-for-a-fight hippies that Shiny wrote about. I'm not really looking forward to have to go kill anybody, matter of fact it kinda isn't what anybody in the military wants to do, but we will by God. Anyway, great page. I originally only wanted to give it four stars, but sinc it is "Star's" page, i gave it five (just joking). Well, those protesters should know one of my favorite quotes(which I will paraphrase because I can't remember it exactly), pass it on to them when you see them. "I disagree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it with my life" - Voltaire. See y'all later and take care fellas.

Name: Ї¤°« M Ґ ® P H »°¤Ї
URL: www.ece.utexas,edu/~dulak
Date/Time: 10/01/01 00:54:08

i have to say star, your new music rocks. i wish i had that talent. and the commentary page cracks me up. keep after it man, im lovin it.

Name: Hubba
Date/Time: 09/30/01 21:33:44

Hey Star, I'm sorry I only gave you three stars, but I don't think you are living up to your true potential. I mean your site could be so much better, it could be as good as AOL. Wait, I'm sorry, I just remembered, aol sucks my ass like a hungry shit eating donkey. You in reality rock. I change my guest_rating to 5 stars *****. And I prefer G.I. Joe the Movie to Transformers. Thats all

Name: Mr. Burns
Date/Time: 09/30/01 12:16:10

My name is Mister Burns. Give me my letter.

Name: drano
Date/Time: 09/29/01 16:09:21

I just wrote in this guestbook to complement your site. Nice webpage, Star. Please note that by "nice" I mean "poo-like." Don't get this confused.

Name: MaGi aka Bootylicious
Date/Time: 09/28/01 08:42:35

When I asked about receving a nickel on the dollar, the simple answer was that such a horse could not make a large benefit donation to the pulitzer prize winning aphrodisiacs of London. Don't you think that a deserving ship captain should be allowed to venture alone into the vast jungles of the meridian, capable of harnessing will in order to destroy the savage urges of the shielded tribes? Don't go throwing a cone in my face unless you have the waffles to back up your actions, because in my opinion, it's not worth vanilla if you don't have the ice ice baby.

Name: Ivan Ivanovich Kobleskij
Date/Time: 09/28/01 08:28:45

Музеи, Галереи, Выставки и Сайты; Афиша интересных событий; Лучшие Сайты и СД Диски; Доклады, Конференции, Музейные карты, Музеи Мира, Управляемые Панорамы, Беседка и многое другое...

Name: Raf again
Date/Time: 09/28/01 03:14:48

Sorry, I'm getting up close to 10, not 30. "30" isn't a time.

Also, HTML doesn't work in your guestbook, so now I look like a honky cracker fool.

Name: Raf
Date/Time: 09/28/01 03:12:26

A good, solid four stars. "Oh yeeeaaah!" --the Kool-Aid Pitcher

Oh my, how your page kicks ass after only four days of work. It's 3 in the morning, and I have to get up close to 30. That sucks. You know what else sucks? Leonard Maltin. They could've easily made the <i>Transformers</i> movie really, eally bad, but they actually had some astounding social commentaries in them. They just went over Maltin's head, is all. I didn't get them either the first time I saw the movie, but I was five. Maltin's probably older.

I take offense to the anti-Semitism expressed by your editorial board. No I don't. Every fine, upstanding young person should hate the Jews.

And the Irish. In case someone's reading this and getting mad, I'm Jewish, so I'm allowed to say stuff like that. I'm not Irish, though, but I wasn't kidding about them.

Star, you have to go visit my page now, because I looked through yours and signed your guestbook twice. I don't have a guestbook.

Name: Daniel
Date/Time: 09/28/01 03:06:08

Wow, Star, you must be a WEB MASTER.

Name: RafDaddy
Date/Time: 09/28/01 02:35:04

Hey... Hold on, I gotta go to the bathroom.

Name: *christina*
Date/Time: 09/28/01 00:43:14

hi star! i told you i'd sign :) happy?

Name: Tere
Date/Time: 09/27/01 15:33:47

You rock!!!!!!

Name: Chris Hammer
Date/Time: 09/27/01 13:30:20

Star, I just had to give you one star, because you're the star! Or something to that effect.

Aw screw it. I gave you one star because your site is ghetto, my friend. Once I went to Houston (we all know how ghetto that can be) and I saw some guy on the street making a webpage with text in notepad. I thought to myself, "how ghetto is that?" But then I visited your site and I was all "sheeeit that homeless guy's notepad site is still better than Star's."

Anyways, I'm just kidding. God knows I couldn't make a site like this in notepad. I couldn't make a site like this in Frontpage.

Star you rock. You rock Star. Hahaha rockstar.

Name: Sarah
Date/Time: 09/27/01 08:15:09

Hey Star! I am finally signing your guestbook. Are you happy? I miss ya and can't wait to see you again. C-ya soon! Love ya!

Name: Zach Woo
Date/Time: 09/27/01 02:05:33

Hey, man, I am the dude you met outside the ENS the other day. I was looking through your site, and saw the ultrabonbon video.
I was going through the crap on my hard drive for stuff to delete this summer, and I saw a video that I had previously not known I had had. It was the ultrabonbon video you have here, and I have been wondering what the hell it was and where I got it for a solid three months. Thats all cleared up now, but I am still wondering how it got on my hard drive, though.

Name: Rintotron
Date/Time: 09/27/01 01:05:48

Awesome site Star! Just gotta get rid of that Win2k logo and you're set!

Solid wooooooood

Name: Av da Massah o Dissassah
Date/Time: 09/27/01 00:10:05

Arr, when I crossed yon barren straights millions of years ago, I happened upon ye olden treasure chest, twas an influx of fortuitous upbringings. The monkeys hurtled cocoa nuts at me head and made me cough up vicks chloraseptic spray! Arr what I wouldn't do for a timex logo printed on me forehead! The point is, my life runs on an expansion of spanish armadas! Ahoy maties, I have found a new site! StarBlasts domain, thar she blows!

Name: Chelsea
Date/Time: 09/26/01 22:28:55

Star, you are so deserving of 5 stars - maybe more. Becca and I enjoyed seeing the UltraBonBon video brought back so many memories of the lovely Simkins hallway...all the drunken stumbling back and forth thru it. You remember, of course. Take care, *S*T*A*R*! Your site is great!

Name: Becca
Date/Time: 09/26/01 21:13:48

I truly love the sight. Chelsea and I watched our favorite music video--what could be better. I'm very impressed with your site. See you later.

Name: Marky Mark Calima
Date/Time: 09/26/01 19:46:06 could I give you anything lower than 5 Stars...anyways, I think your webpage is totally cool and I really miss singing with you in Longhorn Singers. Take care and hopefully I will see you at your fall show. Love ya, Mark

Name: Brandi
Date/Time: 09/26/01 11:22:59

Hey Star. This is me signing your page again. Why, you might ask? Because it appears my previous entry wasn't long enough.. Welll... I will try harder with this one, even though I don't have much to say. I decided to up your guest_rating this time, and give you 3 stars. Aren't you special. :) Well, I hope you're having fun in Austin, it's not too exiting at Tech right now. Study, study.. Hey, I think we play ya'll in football this weekend. Fun stuff! Well, I'm going to go now, I'm tired of writing about stupid stuff. hehe. See ya!

Name: the dude
Date/Time: 09/26/01 01:02:18

the dude was here

Name: Keely "the Mood Swing" Buchanan
Date/Time: 09/26/01 00:02:01

Well, let see. My semester has been going pretty well. I go to class, for a change. My schedule is as follows:
MWF: Photography
Theories of Mass Comm
Fundamentals of Oral Interp
Tues: Chem Lab
Music Theatre(this class rocks!)
Thurs: just Music Theatre

Interested so far? Well, my day consists of waking up, showering, taking my minerals, going to class, walking forever to class from stupid commuter parking lots, sitting in class or sleeping(not as often as in h.s., though), working in the yearbook room, and then returning to my apartment for a little relaxation. Brandi is my room mate and we get along great! My previous room mate, Erin, still lives in the dorms. Loser! Just kidding, She knows I love her(but only as a friend). I went and got gas for my car today. "Not that kind of gas, but I got that too. Which is a story I'll tell you right now." Sound familiar, Star Salzman? Well, in all truth, your site is pretty cool even though the only page I've seen is this one. I'm glad you finally got you site up and running. Life is pretty blah around here without your wonderful voice saying, "Keely, you're stupid. Ha ha." Anyways, I love ya, Star. You'll always be my shining Star to wish upon! Have a great school year and keep out trouble. Maybe, Brandi, Erin and I will send ya some more videos since you liked the first one so much. Well, talk to you later. Miss ya and love ya lots! Byes!

This is "Satan."(remember that prank 2 X-mases ago?)

You're insultable ;P Buddy,
Keely Dawn

P.S. Brandi warned you that I'd take up a page. Happy now? I think I'll have to add a star for your persistance to have me sign your book and because I wrote so much. Bye!

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