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Name: Tom Blackberry
Date/Time: 07/06/05 01:15:16

The last kitten is in captivity
The living room is at peace.

Star, you just keep shinin' man. Gimme an IM if you ever wanna cross mikes in a weird song fight!

Name: Elizabeth Cudd
Date/Time: 06/16/05 09:32:49

Star you're sooooooooooooooooo cool... I hope to be like you when I grow up.

Cheers to HotorNot reuniting us!

Love, E

Name: Andrew Maggio
Date/Time: 06/16/05 00:44:10

Hey Star. Good music. I love the Message. Pure genious. Anywhy, where can I find the FF6 STFU?

Name: Kaleb.G
Date/Time: 06/03/05 12:19:59

Star, the FF6 STFU song is awesome! Why don't you have it on your site? It's like better than the last few songs you made combined.

Name: Craig Mireless
Date/Time: 05/25/05 22:51:12

Sup Yo jammin your new music just thought I would say sup hit me on the email let me know wat's the haps.

Name: spoon
Date/Time: 05/16/05 14:12:55

More spam?!?!? Oh yeah I saw your emancipated cousin 2 weekends ago.

Name: DoctorDoom
Date/Time: 05/15/05 20:55:21

Just wanted to say, you're really versatile. Great works, I love the broad range on your variations! Keep up the great work, I wanna see ya at #1 on DoD

Name: MaGi_TekK
Date/Time: 05/15/05 20:17:15

HAHAH, star, STFU ff6 remix is the greatest rap song ever. GENIUS! BTW, thx for the backup on the ocr message boards. god those idiots are hilarious :P

Name: ChocoHearts
Date/Time: 05/15/05 01:12:28

Just wanted to let you know that "Love in an Hourglass" is my single favorite game remix, from either OCR or VGM - and that's saying a lot, considering I've got over 5.5GB of the stuff. :P

The words, the composition, the style... it's as close to perfect as I've ever heard. And it doesn't hurt the song any that I can sing it straight from the heart... and get a tear in my eye.

Thank you. :D

Name: Vertigosan
Date/Time: 05/11/05 10:44:39

Been a big fan of your OC Remix stuff for awhile now. Keep up the good work. Pillar of Salt kicks ass.

Name: Lisa
Date/Time: 05/06/05 20:10:33

OMG you're so going to love me. I used the lyrics from the penguin song on an assignment for school. It's got penguins on it because penguins kick ass. I'll show you whenever I can.

Less than Three,

Name: PapaWood
Date/Time: 05/01/05 22:41:02

Always been a fan since stumbling across your work on OCREMIX. Your music is unique and definetly beautiful.

Name: Ben
Date/Time: 04/21/05 10:44:49

Hey Star, just wanted to say that your work is constantly getting better and better. You've turned me into a dorky fanboy. "who is Star Salzman?" they say to me, "He's the GREATEST THING EVER!" I say. It's pretty crazy. I hope to someday be as awesome as you.

Date/Time: 04/14/05 17:20:53

Coz it's time to make our dreams come true...

Name: Spoon
Date/Time: 04/07/05 14:20:40

Dude who the fuck is spamming your guest book? I thought you were a leet haxor? How did this happen? I dont even know you anymore.

Name: Hemorrhoids
Date/Time: 04/02/05 14:52:48

I love Canadian Bacon.

Name: Matthew T Wells
Date/Time: 03/31/05 15:53:59

I got the balls in my sack
and the crackers in my crack
You think you know this
you think you know that
If Jesus had been a Mentat
I would burn down my meth lab and sell safo juice by the gallon.
Talk about stains.
I'm warning you, I got serious eyebrows.

Name: Nas
Date/Time: 03/19/05 15:37:05

Buen Articulo

Name: yeahm
Date/Time: 03/14/05 01:33:08

Just thought I should thank ya for representin' Bionic Commando on the OC site. It's about time they got a decent track for it. ...And if you're Jewish then that's cool too. Peace.

Name: yooooo
Date/Time: 03/01/05 02:09:58

found your site by searching 'yo yo yooooooooo' in gooooogle... soooooper anywayz listening 2 ur songs as i write this.

Name: Duncan
Date/Time: 02/28/05 15:32:35

Your Remixes at OCremix kickass!!!

Keep up the good work...

Name: braeck
Date/Time: 02/27/05 10:44:58

Jsut wanted to say that I like your works, and this website, it rox!!! xD

Name: General Zod
Date/Time: 02/24/05 13:09:35

I hereby renounce my position as ruler of the planet Houston in the shadow of the sheer awesomeness of Star. Kneel before Star, or he will...burn you, or make you laugh, or whatever he does!

Name: Drake McCloud
Date/Time: 02/20/05 08:13:02

This site is great.

Name: Danny Haszard
Date/Time: 02/17/05 11:58:10

You stand and deliver a touch of class picture perfect 5 stars and rising,your in my spotlight shine on...Best regards,Danny Haszard Bangor Maine USA

Name: aunt b
Date/Time: 02/08/05 14:29:33

like the new song. Listening to it at work.

Name: Xeth
Date/Time: 02/06/05 22:30:55

simpliy put just awsome...

Name: Daddy-O
Date/Time: 01/30/05 20:22:58

May you have absolute success in your new position...

Name: daddy-0
Date/Time: 01/30/05 20:18:10

photos from your birth to 5yrs old
sent tomorrow
via priority mail-more to come...

Name: esden9
Date/Time: 01/30/05 11:01:48

We've been watching you for sometime. Meat us in Madison Square, bring the bunnies. =P

Name: Jason Biggs
Date/Time: 01/26/05 07:31:12

How was Keane? I am sure it was great. Need to hang out more.

Name: abraham Joffe
Date/Time: 01/23/05 04:54:09

Love it!

Name: Vero
Date/Time: 01/23/05 01:35:38

I've been a huge fan of yours for a while. I love all of your stuff. Great job.


Name: Fulcrum
Date/Time: 01/22/05 01:54:31

ocremix member and vgmix.

a word to th wise, Dont jump round surfing forums an shit when urr drunkk - not a great ideaa, ... . . ...

sometimes ul say type weird bad stuff totoo.

site is down no ow but not forevrer. bye


Name: Vincent Le Feu
Date/Time: 01/21/05 19:09:34

Hey, I've always loved your Remixes on OCRemix. I really admire your work. The only problem is, is I wish to become a Remixer myself. Anywho, Keep up the good work.

Name: daddy-0
URL: http://maxpages/virginbrides
Date/Time: 01/17/05 14:01:51

please send me your full address
i forgot to include it in my previous email

Name: barnett s.salzman,M.D.,F.R.S.H.,F.A.C.F.E.I.,
Date/Time: 01/17/05 13:58:27

come 4 a visit,
i will send you some pictures
rachel said you are curious

3222 west menlo ave
fresno,ca 93711


Name: Hopscotch
Date/Time: 01/17/05 09:53:02

Star, bright in the night
Bring to me your flaming gastronomy
Do you still enjoy
the touch of a gameboy
moving the blocks around
filling rows to russian sound
to get the high score?
I can show you how
to score high in life
If you only know my name..

Name: Daddy-O
Date/Time: 01/16/05 15:23:37

Still want to date Milla Jovovich?
Son i give you my blessing and
more to come
in another place-time
donations may pour in from our global family should
you contact your $billionaire uncle stan
also try listening to
keep sharpshooting Star
The Earth WOBBLED 3 degrees off its axis
when the sumatra earthquake occurred
there is definitely a space-time change that could
do you want me to send you your baby&childhood
pictures-i have hundreds
but why don't you warpspeed over to my home sometime
for as long as you like,i will always have a place
4 you.

Name: plumble
Date/Time: 01/11/05 13:45:28

Just signing because I am Beffy's stalker...

Shh, don't tell her

Name: Beffy
Date/Time: 01/11/05 13:43:56

Rawr. Nice site, like the song about the platypus. Not sure if I'd call it "awesome" though ;)

Name: Michael Potter
Date/Time: 01/09/05 00:20:32

Duck Blur. Wow. Do another techno remix. ...

Name: Dj SammyG
Date/Time: 01/02/05 18:39:08

Hey Star, I'm signing your guestbook because I love your music. Funny thing happened around a year or so ago when I was surfing, I came across a website called "Overclocked Remix". It seemed cool, so I hung out there for a bit. I burnt some CDs with random remixes on them, and around my ninth, I was hooked. A month or so later, I went to the front page, and saw a new remix there; "Dreams Come True". It seemed cool, I liked Megaman remixes, so I downloaded it. Four minutes and forty-one seconds later, I learned what music was supposed to sound like. So thanks, Star, and also to any of the other remixers who come across this message. You guys... I dunno, you're way past awesome, and I really appreciate what you do for guys like me.

Name: Daddy-O
Date/Time: 12/31/04 23:33:51

when a blackhole meets a whitehole...
the universe collapses in the blinking of an eye...
and is born again...i knew you when you were
in the womb...and you are truly
of Hyper-Space
Warp speed-please.
Captain Klingon
You are my sharpshooter-son
i know you have my blessing for
what it is worth
your definition of what is -is
It is only a game
and the rules keep changing
rollerball dude.
There is a Star in Orion's Belt named for you.
and i rocked you in my arms when you were a baby
you have my imprint
You are the Future slammed into the Past.
You can always come stay with me
and we can get some computers to
that will back up and store
your music
you know one of your cousins controls a HAL Mainframe-Cray for the King of Spain
in Argentina, one of your cousins has been the
Chess Champion of Argentina.
and your Father---is a legend in his own time...
You have recently been listed in Marquis
Who's Who in the World,2005 Edition.
Check it out in the Public Library.
That and a quickdraw silver dollar bullethole
will make you a rich man
You can try on my Black Hat too.
See if it fits you
Happy New Year...
May You be a bright morning Star forever
Standing in the Light of the Sun
world without end
amen and amen

Now claim your birthright.

if you come back to me

Name: Nobody important.
Date/Time: 12/28/04 09:57:48

Nice OCremix for Ducktales. Whoever said you made the remix slightly epic sounding and so forth did a good job describing it. If the NES version would of sounded like this; Ducktales; WOW! I enjoyed it very much. Keep at it ^^

Name: Chocobokel
Date/Time: 12/22/04 19:49:49

Dear Star,
I LOVE your music and I listen to it half the time! (The other half being other OC stuff of course.) Will you come to NJ to marry me? I'll promise to buy you a new computer!!!


Name: jon
Date/Time: 12/17/04 12:26:10

change the email links on your site

Name: Justin_Cermoon
Date/Time: 12/12/04 11:01:05

Star Salzman, you're my hero!

Name: Spoon
Date/Time: 11/24/04 06:49:37

Oh Stars a jew alright! Big Jew! Asians are goofy bastards.

Name: Dominic - The Dewmaster
Date/Time: 11/23/04 18:05:22

Most intriguing site. I first caught your work on Darn good stuff with "Dreams Come True" and "The Incredible Singing Robot" - putting original lyrics to remixed video game music and making it a quality piece of music that could compete with prominent music.

Presuming you had the sole hand in recording and mixing these songs, you certainly have a God-given talent, Star. I am impressed by your work thus far. Are you a student in college, in high school, or totally neither. Your journal entries do not give much in terms of of background from what I have read thus far.

By the way, are you Jewish? I was wondering after reading the lyrics to "Pillar of Salt" in the Hebrew and Arabic (did you mean Aramaic, which I thought was a dialect of Hebrew?)

Your manifested talent is most intriguing. I am most appreciative of your electronic beats, particularly in "Temporary Insanity." You can pat yourself on the book for that song; I burned it onto a CD-R for my friend, Paul. He likes the song immensely and it helps him as he looks for a good, virtuous woman in life (or so I presume...).

Feel free to write.

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