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My Thoughts on that Marx Dood


Karl Marx is a real cool cat. Supposedly he came up with lots of cool stuff and wrote it all down in a book called the communist manifesto. Anyway, I was doing some thinking and I came up with a few ways that communism relates to modern social policy. For one, it seems like the minimum wage laws we have today have their roots in communism. It keeps the bourgeoisie from exploiting too much labor value out of its workers. Also, when you think about it, it seems like common policy nowadays to offer stock options to employees. This has its roots in Marxist writings saying that the workers should control the means of production. With the introduction of stock options, theoretically, they do control at least a piece of the actual company. Also, of course, you have unions and labor organizations, some of which have Marxist roots, and might be the actual seeds of the revolution that will probably never happen.

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