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Systematic Failure

3:37 05/30/10   My first collaboration with Rusty! Electropop and stuff!
Comments: 4


Complex Cosmology

4:11 04/18/10   A song about language and its limitations.
Comments: 10


Into the Deep

5:19 11/22/09   Inspired by a dream, probably the most complex song I've ever written.
Comments: 10



4:10 05/31/09   Another dance track in the spirit of that MGMT remix. Pretentious, vocoded lyrics, and big beatz!
Comments: 5


MGMT Kids - Consequences Remix

4:46 10/24/08   A remix of the MGMT song "kids". First, I tried as best I could to recreate the original song, then I remixed that with new instrumentation and such. Fun!
Comments: 6


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