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MGMT Kids - Consequences Remix

4:46 10/24/08   A remix of the MGMT song "kids". First, I tried as best I could to recreate the original song, then I remixed that with new instrumentation and such. Fun!
Comments: 6


Close Door All Way

6:43 05/07/08   Another Chrono Trigger remix. Big surprise! Sealed door theme. I tried to make making this as fun as possible so I could get into writing again. It's not amazing, it's not really that epic either. However, it IS a triumphant return!
Comments: 3

Incredible Singing String Quartet

3:52 04/25/07   A string quartet remix of Incredible Singing Robot. Inspired by The Incredible Singing analoq . Pretty fun!
Comments: 4

Forever Until Tomorrow

5:34 03/30/07   Remix of 1000AD theme from Chrono Trigger. I tried to combine my own style with some 70's progrock motifs. I'm satisfied with the result.
Comments: 7


Black Wind Rising

4:51 01/29/06   A remix of Magus' theme from Chrono Trigger. Kinda weird stuff, a bunch of orchestral instruments and odds and ends. Enjoy!
Comments: 15

Odin's Wrath

8:37 01/05/05   A remix of the intro theme, the aveh theme and the yggdrazil theme from xenogears.
Comments: 7

Bionic Commando - Advance with Caution

4:09 12/16/04   Orchestral remix of area 1 theme from bionic commando.
Comments: 3

Perfect Strangers - I got Balke's Magic Wand

4:23 10/21/04   Another entry for a contest. The contest is to remix the theme from Perfect Strangers Tv show. I did. Here it is. It's super neet. I worked a little super mario 3 in there too at the end.
Comments: 9


Africa (Rainy Day Mix)

4:14 10/19/04   A remix I made for a contest. I won 100 bucks! It's a remix of the Toto song, Africa. It's super neet.
Comments: 17


Fei Longer

3:21 09/27/04   Remix of Fei long's theme from Street Fighter 2 Turbo. I wanted to emulate the tekken 3 soundtrack. Cool breakbeat stuff.
Comments: 2

Pillar of Salt

5:31 07/22/04   A crazy Xenogears Remix of Dazil and Omen themes. Lots of weird lyrics with arabic and hebrew and bible verses and lots of cool synths and oh my gosh this thing rocks so download it.
Comments: 16


When You See the Flashman...

4:02 04/03/04   Duck and Cover! A remix of a megaman 2 song. Flashman, of course. Similar to tickle my wily, cept it has neet other stuff. werd.
Comments: 4

Dreams Come True

4:41 02/23/04   Rock remix of the Cast Roll theme from Megaman X. Really neet and uplifting! Enjoy!
Comments: 18


Tickle my Wily

5:26 12/08/03   Remix of Megaman 2, Wily's Castle, stage 1. Orchestral and electronic elements come together with some processed and cut up drumloops.
Comments: 13

Back in Time

3:42 09/21/03   A vocal remix of the 600ad theme from chrono trigger. Really fun lyrics, I think. Interesting take especially if you like the theme. Try it!
Comments: 14


Ducktales Remix

5:15 08/24/03   A ducktales mix! The moon theme! I loved this song. Someone help me name it.
Comments: 6

Incredible Singing Robot

3:46 05/24/03   Remix of Robo's theme from Chrono Trigger. Lots of nifty 80's synthpop vocals! Fun for the whole family, or something.
Comments: 29


Da Spacebeam, jeeuh

2:55 04/05/03   A rap I wrote about space harrier. Pretty hilarious.
Comments: 8


Sex Machine

2:28 03/10/03   Like a sex machine! I'm your missing boobie.
Comments: 4

Cid Sends a Dream to the Undersea Palace

6:16 02/13/03   Remix of Cid's theme from FF7 and the undersea palace from Chrono Trigger. More electro-orchestral goodness.
Comments: 4

It's Hard to Stand Next to Me...

6:28 01/25/03   ... when I'm So Freaking Seasick! This is a little remix I made of a theme for FF7 which I really hated. It's got penguins and seagulls and it's really relaxing!
Comments: 7

Stereo Nitrate

7:32 10/20/02   A remix of Sasha's Wavy Gravy that I did for a contest. It's really good. I shoulda won :(. That's my friend Elizabeth singing.
Comments: 9

EsperMakoCrystal Megamix

12:22 08/16/02   This is like the longest remix ever. It's got music from FF7, FF7, and FF4. Good stuff! Check it out.
Comments: 3

Temporal Distortion

4:25 07/13/02   A remix of the chrono trigger song from chrono trigger. Lots of symphonic elements and electronic elements etc etc. It's really neet, damnit. Download it if you like this theme.
Comments: 5


5:01 04/04/01   My first OCRemix! It's a remix of Ryu theme from street fighter II.
Comments: 8

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