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Lyrics for a Place Inside:


notes from a page
steps on a dotted line
flying in space was a big dream of mine
till i found out you cant have glasses
on, classes gone, astronaut running high frequency
steps I climbed but never could reach and the
perils of life kept synchronizing me to the
wisdom of being a smart kid with a loud mouth
and when my self analysis moved south
to my genitals, my biologicals, the functions inside
that made me want girls I was forced to arrive
at an analysis that conscious persistence can override a
subconscious mental framework

I was going into space, in my dreams
when it seemed like things couldnt be better than
zero gravity; television lied to me spoke to me
said that love was owed to me but it showed to me
no strategy for elementary social psychology
that was earned, I struggled to learn things that others did
manipulate your friends
tell em what they wanted to hear
fitting in for so many years
broken gear
in an analytical engine
but in a different dimension
I was a mythological hero but I never mentioned
any of this I was too embarassed
Lately I've analyzed analysis
found that meta-meta-shit is useless
reprocessed, I was never blessed
with emotionlessness
raw experience, unfiltered by abstraction
no redaction, just the whole truth
and nothing but the truth so help me
god was just another place to hide
ouija board told me better lies
and I tried, not to believe
that I was talking to my mom instead of trying to grieve
trying to feel anything that made me think
abstractions were real
kept reality from intruding as long as I could
and it was good
I wanted to see women lying in my bed
got 96 exits in super mario world instead
wanted to be a hero so bad I couldnt believe it
ended up rescuing folks who didnt even need it
television told me I could beat the biggest bullies on the street
in a fight, like george mcfly, I'm your density
never worked for me, I never had a futureboy
visit me, hook in to me, tell me vader's coming after me
from another planet if i didnt ask a bitch to the fish under the sea
dance, shit. I thought I could romance young ladies
without driving a mercedes, or the preteen equivalent:
nikes, tommy hilfiger,
go by myself to an arcade and pull the trigger
no quarters in the slot
i'd take the shot, 50 cents is a lot
whether you're hungry or not.

Fast forward, 20 ten
and again, periodically
I manage to escape reality
middle class, so money will last
too much, but not enough
when I need a pick me up
I buy some stuff

a place inside
consumes to stay alive

a place inside
consumes to stay alive

Copyright 2003-2009 Star Salzman.
All rights and wrongs reserved.

Any questions or comments,
contact Star Salzman.