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Lyrics for a Single Atom:


she wasnt understanding face held in her hands as she wept and she said I
wasn't understanding tears sparkled in her eyes so I asked how I could understand

and she said that there's no explaining the unexplainable
she said that sometimes the glass is half empty but it's never ever half full

I pretended to understand and I spoke some words of comfort to her
I said that everything would be alright but definitely wasn't sure

and as I watched her cloudy eyes turn into starlight based on this delusion
I knew we were hurtling toward an unavoidable conclusion

she needs more than I can give
and I need more than she can give

I'm grounded in reality, I'm grounded in reality, I'm grounded in reality
and logic does persist
i believe she believes she believes in things that dont exist

cuz your hopes, and your thoughts, and your dreams, and your faith, and your love
and your fears, and your hates, and your electric passion, your sense of fashion,
your empathetic longing, your solitary mental wand'ring, madame
wont alter the path of a single atom
wont alter the path of a single atom

an oracular miraculous miracle of clairvoyancy
could have easily detected this irrational incongruity
and saved me so much time i could have spent on something other than her
and i struggle now to remember what my tired rationalizations were

unfeel everything in my dreams it seems i remember what idealism feels like
it's real, so real, I can see the halo of your eyes shining in the starlight
dont blink don't think dont move dont let your molecules interact with me
i want to write this moment to my non-volatile memory

and back it up with a mirror of my mind
4 terabytes of data related to the time
that I thought that I
would be the only one
who cares about the things I care about
and thought that all my thinking'd be done
by the time that you hear this song
but i'm probly still turning the idea around in my mind
and I'll never be done and I'll never be done

Copyright 2003-2009 Star Salzman.
All rights and wrongs reserved.

Any questions or comments,
contact Star Salzman.