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Lyrics for Treatise:


I wont be there for you
unless youre there for me

I wont listen to these ramblings about
the lost love that you never had

I wont talk to you
unless you talk to me

I'm tired of hearing about all the
trials and tribulations going on in your life

So walk with me and I'll show you there's more to life
than whats going on inside your head.

The tower of misfortune that you've given to me
is more than I can stand

I wont be there for you
unless youre there for me

I'm tired of taking all my time to heal the sorrow in your life

I decided long ago, I would only put forth the effort that I got in return;
I can live without this mess.

There's no point in talking to you I can say everything a thousand times and you still wont understand..
I'm living without you.

Copyright 2003-2009 Star Salzman.
All rights and wrongs reserved.

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contact Star Salzman.