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Lyrics for Incredible Singing Robot:


though I
am made
of titanum I
Still feel
human like you

Copper and tin
and 6 other twins I
Left them and came with

I might not be blue
like my brothers i know
but my gears will last

Im happy to be,
in your party
arent you?

Robots can be
for evil or good
Please dont reprogram me

My memries and thoughts
are all I have left
am I malfuctioning?

in 23 hundred ad
I was left to study the humans
Then you came along and I played this song
for you

that is my name but
you can call me

just leave me here,
ill tend to this place
im good at gardening

so fiona and me, we planted the trees
and you went into the future
just look and see, this forest i made
for you

orchestral break

though I
am made
of titanum I
Still feel
human like you

wont you pick me
instead of that frog
I can do healing too!

Copyright 2003-2009 Star Salzman.
All rights and wrongs reserved.

Any questions or comments,
contact Star Salzman.