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Lyrics for Say It:


I see you every day, I want you
I want you to see me
I see you in the dreams im dreaming
I'm dreaming that youre dreaming of me
I need to tell you something, listen
but I dont know what to say

But i'll say it anyway
I'll say it anyway
I'll say it anyway

I meet you at the park, I'm shaking
I say "nothing risked, nothing gained"
I try to stop my hands from shaking
You look at me like i've gone insane
I tell you very softly "listen, it's kinda hard for me to say
but ill say it anyway"
I'll say it anyway

I tell you "I like you"
I'm hoping
I'm hoping that youll know what i mean
You tell me "I like you too"
Youre smiling
I guess ill have to tell you bluntly,
You say "no thanks thats ok.."
but I'll say it anyway

I'll say it anyway

Why is this so hard to say?
It's just a little phrase

Why cant I just tell you "hey, I'll love you always"

I guess if i didnt care, it wouldnt be so hard to say

So i'll say it anyway
i'll say it anyway

Copyright 2003-2009 Star Salzman.
All rights and wrongs reserved.

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