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Lyrics for Journey:


I stay awake...
Wondering what the future holds for me
make no mistake
ill do everything you've told me

From doubt to certain understanding
my thoughts and feelings expanding
this time it's more than just a moment
These doubts and misgivings lie dormant
you say that there's another reason
after all it's magic i'm believing
I cant believe you havent heard me
dont look at me i'm just making my journey

It's hard to breathe
living on the edge of insanity
a waking dream
where everything is real for me

Don't stop, fight the revolution
just know that there's always a solution
fight back, even if it kicks you
but dont break cuz there's no one here to fix you
you say that I am getting crazy
looks like your vision's getting hazy
this point of view is what has stirred me
you cant slow me down because im making my journey

it's getting hard to see the light
i wonder if this feeling will last through the night
It's getting closer and I'm all alone
i swallow my fear and take a step into the unknown

rewind the tape and let it play back
fast forward to the needle in the haystack
no time for you to come and save me
all i ask for is the promise that you gave me...

Copyright 2003-2009 Star Salzman.
All rights and wrongs reserved.

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contact Star Salzman.